Over 3500 captive elephants in India live in abysmal conditions. In 2017 over 700 camels were rescued from smugglers who were going to sell them for illegal slaughter. Four to eight hens are crammed in a cage no bigger than two A4 sheets of paper in poultry farms across the country. These are just some numbers to illustrate the cruelty that animals face in India and the dire need to tackle this problem.

What is the government doing?

The government has introduced schemes and initiatives to crackdown on malpractices adopted towards animals in the country. The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Rules, official orders to stop the illegal movement of animals to neighboring countries, ban on captive dolphin shows, and ban on import of animal-tested cosmetics are among the major steps taken by the Indian government in this direction.

What can you do?

Some avenues that can be explored are affordable solutions to allow tracking of animals, innovative ideas to predict and test the current state of an animal along with checking for diseases, and initiatives and solutions to rescue animals who have been victims of cruelty along with provision for safe areas where they can be rehabilitated.

How will your solutions help?

Animals, just like humans, have emotions and some level of cognitive ability. This means that they too can feel pain, discomfort, anger, and sadness. Due to acts of animal cruelty animals suffer physical abuse as well as mental abuse. Solutions to eradicate animal cruelty from our country will ensure a happier and safer environment for animals to live in along with ensuring that they are not subjected to unnecessary discomforts.

Concerned Ministries?

  • Ministry of Environment
  • Forest and Climate Change
  • Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare

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