Those who do not give up in situations in life, they achieve success right late. One such person is Anjana Mali of Rishikesh, who despite having no hands, has raised hopes of moving forward in all the people. Let’s know more about her & her life inspiring journey.

Anjana Mali
Anjana Mali

We hope this can inspire you to become a successful person too! It is worth listening to a successful entrepreneur or to people who share their success stories? We can significantly learn many things from the experiences of them, by listening to their story.

Anjana Mali belongs to a poor family in Rishikesh, she is a Divyang since childhood. They do not have both hands and have problems in other parts of the body as well. So they started begging instead of doing other work. Because she wanted to help her family in any way she could.

When Anjana used to beg on the pavement, then people used to go for 1-2 rupees. With this money, Anjana used to buy the colors and brushes required for painting, even though there is no hand, Anjana paints a wonderful painting. She makes different kinds of paintings from the toes, which people who visit Rishikesh, lose their consciousness after seeing the skill of Anjana.

Anjana one day sat on the ghat of Rishikesh – sitting on her feet holding a piece of charcoal and trying to write something. Just then, Stephanie came to visit Rishikesh from abroad and looked at Anjana and saw that she wanted to write the name of Lord Ram on the floor with her feet.

Anjana Mali
Anjana Mali

After which foreign women started to stand and look at them and it took no time to recognize that the art of painting is hidden inside Anjana. The foreign woman taught Anjana to live with dignity while painting with her feet so that she could create a different identity of her own.

After which Anjana started painting, but she did not stop begging at that time, because she needed money to buy paint and brushes. Gradually, Anjana slowly began to make fine paintings, such as goddesses, animals, birds, and nature’s beauty through beautiful paintings.

People visiting Rishikesh cannot stop themselves from buying paintings after seeing his paintings. Anjana’s income is spent on her family, her family consists of a mother, a sick father, and a disabled brother.

Foreign lady Stephanie was the first person to recognize her passion for art. But painting was not so easy for Anjana, because not only the hands, but there was some tension in her waist as well, due to which she walks down. But on the basis of hard work, he did not let the courage to lose and also faced the odds.

After some time people started buying their paintings for thousands, it takes them 4-5 days to prepare a painting. When people started buying their paintings at a good price, they stopped begging. Anjana wants to understand the nuances of art in a better way and can make her own home.

Anjana Mali
Anjana Mali

There is conflict in everyone’s life, more in someone’s life, and less in someone’s life. Life is the name of challenges, so under any circumstances, keep restraint on yourself, so that you can fulfill your dreams.

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