PUBG Mobile has completed one year and now is coming up with Season 6. PUBG season 5 is expected to end on 18th March.

The themes of the upcoming season are going to be amazing and we have some of the leaks to show this. According to YouTuber SPD Gaming, PUBG Season 6 will have a new gun, vehicle and a song as part of the content.

New song:

PUBG Mobile announced this officially, and the song will be released as the new season starts. The expected date is 21st March and we hope it will give a nice appearance to the game and will raise its standards by tenfolds.

New Gun:

You will be able to see a new gun in the game. The gun is an Assault Rifle and is called G36C. The gun uses 5.56mm ammo and has great power and stability. So far, it looks like the elder brother of UMP9. The gun is good for mid-range targets and also has less recoil as compared to other members in its family, with attachments the gun becomes even more fatal. The sad part of the story is you can only use the gun in the PUBG Map Vikendi.


New ride:

PUBG Mobile offers many cool rides in the game and scooter is one of them. PUBG Mobile Season 6 introduces a new ride, Tukshai. It somewhat looks like an auto rickshaw. The ride is already available in the PC and Console versions of the game, in the Sanhok map. So, the ride is expected to be seen only in the Sanhok Map for the mobile version too. This is a fun to ride vehicle and guessing by its design, can accommodate three players. The handling is quite decent but you can have to face problems to climb the hills.


Other updates will include new Avatars, Avatar frames and a new cool Badge for Royal and Elite passes. All these will have a purple and bluish finish to it, giving it a magnificent look. Leaks also say about the Dynamic weather in Erangel and Miramar. Zombies are reported to be present in the classic Erangel Map but numbers will be not as much as the event mode. Also, there are some new achievements which can be seen in the new season. The team also has worked on a few bug fixes such as problems related to Buggy and other vehicles, the team is also expected to fix the problems related to microphone and speaker.

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