Actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s first music video song “Baarish Ki Jaaye” is based on Bharat Thakur and Kaushalya Devi Real Story. This song is going viral as soon as it is released and people are very much like it. The song features Nawazuddin Siddiqui alongside the famous Punjabi singer Sunanda Sharma. The song is sung by singer B Praak, who previously sang the very famous song ‘Teri Mitti’ in the film Kesari.

It is told at the end of the song that it is based on a true story, which is that of Bharat Thakur and Kaushalya Devi. You will also be eager to know about the story of Bharat Thakur and Kaushalya Devi.

Bharat Thakur
Baarish Ki Jaaye

The song Baarish Ki Jaaye is based on a true story. The love of this true event attained high altitudes of complete dedication and sacrifice.

This is the story of Old Delhi, Kaushalya Devi used to live with her grandmother in Old Delhi. She was her old grandmother and the only person in her family, her parents had already passed away and no one else was related. Also, Kaushalya Devi was not mentally well. Her grandmother always used to worry about Kaushalya, once after she left her.

Bharat Thakur & Kaushalya (Baarish Ki Jaaye)
Bharat Thakur & Kaushalya (Baarish Ki Jaaye)

In such a situation, suddenly one day a youth named Bharat Thakur meets Kaushalya Devi. And he gives them his heart. His love touched all the heights of the sky.

Bharat Thakur not only married Kausalya and settled down but also served her ill grandmother as a son till the last phase of her life. Shortly after marriage, they had two sons one after the other and the family became full. Kaushalya was also fully accepted by society as a wife and mother.

Kaushalya never had problems performing the duties of a lover, wife, or mother. Kaushalya’s fate did not give her a family. But Love gave her a full family as well as a loving companion in life.

Bharat Thakur & Kaushalya (Baarish Ki Jaaye)
Bharat Thakur & Kaushalya (Baarish Ki Jaaye)

This song is dedicated to the great love story of Bharat Thakur and Kaushalya and is based on that. The song characters have undergone some changes to the presentation, but the base storyline is the same as the original love story.

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