The fashion retail category continues to lead modern retail in India backed by the ever-growing dreams of the Indian fashion consumer. Here we are sharing Best 5 Apparel & Lifestyle brand Consultants in Bangalore.

1) Vitamin B designs:

Founded by apparel and lifestyle category experts and industry veterans, the aim of this creative agency is to help brands achieve their vision and mission with the help of customized research, design, and product management solutions.

From Denim wear to Fusion wear, and from Kids Wear to Training Gear, Vitamin B designs offer a wide range of design solutions.

Vitamin B  Designs can also help you in developing Brand identity, positioning, and communication strategies.

In the ever-changing apparel and lifestyle industry, the role of Vitamin B designs is very important. In this context, design strategists at Vitamin B design craft unique brand experiences, creating memorable products and engaging on brand architecture systems to help businesses thrive and survive in the market.

Vitamin B designs are a shining example of this.

Best 5 Apparel & Lifestyle Brand Consultants In Bangalore
Best 5 Apparel & Lifestyle Brand Consultants In Bangalore

2) Urban Purple:

As an exclusive Fashion studio, Urban Purple provides end-to-end solutions and services to apparel brands from the concept to the customer. This studio helps all fashion brands to fulfill their apparel design needs. Most of the clothing designers at Urban Purple are graduates from prestigious fashion institutes across the country. Most of the clothing designs are also diverse and distinctive, thereby giving it a special feel-good factor.

The knowledge of designs and creativity from the team at Urban Purple is stunning because it gives you a sense of immense pleasure and satisfaction. Urban Purple lives up to the expectations of clients and customers by achieving high-quality designs with excellent and stunning looks. Most importantly, this studio helps turn your company’s vision into reality. 

3) Ranger Apparel:

A good company for apparel designing requirements, Ranger Apparel runs a comprehensive Product Development Studio geared towards ensuring that customers receive the best output with faster time to market. This facility provides a range of exciting value-added services including Design and consultation to meet and exceed client expectations.

The design team conceptualizes each garment with a unique flair while ensuring that every element of the process is thoroughly scrutinized. The team at the studio is also able to support each individual client’s needs because they understand that everyone and every label is unique and very special to the core. The in-house fashion designer uses the latest technology to provide brilliant solutions to the customers.

Best 5 Apparel & Lifestyle Brand Consultants In Bangalore
Best 5 Apparel & Lifestyle Brand Consultants In Bangalore

4) Zivogue:

Zivogue is a company that creates made-to-order designer apparel wherein customers can get unique designs of excellent quality which fit in perfectly for any occasion. The basic aim of this company is to bring several fashion influencer curated designs online every week which are very limited in quantity and will be available only for a limited and stipulated period. All of the products here are basically made to order and are limited in the quantity.

The company strives to ensure that fit, stitch, and fabric will always be of the best quality available without any problems.

Best 5 Apparel & Lifestyle Brand Consultants In Bangalore
Best 5 Apparel & Lifestyle Brand Consultants In Bangalore

5) Kreatica Designs:

An exclusive manufacturing company in Bangalore, Kreatica designs don’t design for brands alone, but for the people who interact with brands. Here, a lot of research and emphasis is done on various factors like color schemes, size, designs, types of packaging while creating a design for your apparel. The company is dedicated to the customer to ensure that the design of apparel is beautiful and unique.

Most of the designs that Kreatica undertakes add value to the product, besides enhancing the experience of the consumer. The designs of apparel done at Kreatica are sure to make you stand in a vast crowd. Using innovation and creativity, Kreatica Designs helps to satisfy the customer to the fullest extent. What more can one ask for?

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