Elca Grobler
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Meet Elca Grobler | Founder & CEO Of My Choices Foundation | A Champion For The Rights Of Women & Girls

Elca Grobler is the founder & CEO of my choices foundation, a foundation that works to give women and girls the choice to live free from violence, abuse, and exploitation. In 2011 Elca left a career in banking and finance

Anasuya Banerjee
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Meet Anasuya Banerjee | Manager-L&D at Pfizer | Ex-CLO & Director | Leadership Coach

Anasuya Banerjee is the Manager of Learning University- the culture and leadership development center of Pfizer, Inc. She is a leadership coach, mentor & talent performance consultant who has extensive experience in the field across organizations. She had also worked in

Jan van der Spoel
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Meet Jan van der Spoel | Founder Of Grip on Trust | Speaker, Trainer & Coach

Jan van der Spoel is the founder of Grip on Trust, an organized sampler webinar to explain how trust works, how to create trust-awareness and build high trust relationships. He is a Leader, Mentor, Keynote Speaker, Design Strategist, Consultant & Coach. After

India’s Top 15 LinkedIn Profile Of The Year 2020

India’s Top 15 LinkedIn Profile Of The Year 2020

Today StartoCure is unveiling our India’s Top 15 LinkedIn Profile Of The Year 2020, a collection of 15 Indian influencers driving today’s professional conversation. This list becomes more special because it is the result of our long-term research, and it’s

Barkha Singh
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Success Story Of Barkha Singh | Indian Actress, Model & YouTuber

Barkha Singh is very famous Indian actress, model, YouTuber and social media personality who works in Hindi films and web series. Barkha started her career by portraying Tina in the Hrithik Roshan & Kareena Kapoor starrer romantic drama film Mujhse

Pranjal Poddar
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Interview With Pranjal Poddar | Social Media Marketing | Copywriter | Content Creator

Pranjal Poddar a Social Media Marketing practitioner and Copywriter. He has experience in content strategy and branding on various social media platforms. While everyone was just studying during college which is not a bad thing, he went the extra mile

Shivali Soni
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Interview With Shivali Soni | Social Influencer | Senior Human Resources Specialist

Shivali Soni is a social influencer & senior human resources specialist. She strives to be the best at whatever she does & she has fun along the way.She has two passions in life, i.e. Her WORK and Her FAMILY. As

Shalima Motial
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Meet Shalima Motial | Actor & Model | Founder & CEO of Dream Catchers Vision

Shalima Motial is the Founder & CEO of Dream Catchers Vision Pte Ltd, an online Talent Showcase forum launched in 2011 to discover and promote Performing artists. It’s a Singapore headquartered company with global ambitions. Other than this she is

Ashok Lodhi
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Meet Ashok Lodhi: A Teacher Who Teaches Children By Showing TV

While all schools have been closed since March 21 due to the corona epidemic across the country and children are being provided education online, Chhattisgarh’s teacher in the District of Korea, Ashok Lodhi, has set an example of a unique

Sudha Chandran
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Meet Sudha Chandran | Writing Luck With One Leg, Made Its Mark In Bollywood

Life is a cycle of happiness and sorrow, this is the truth of life. Some people soon give up on life, while some people are ready to do anything to realize their dreams. One such person is actress Sudha Chandran,