Urmila Kandha
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Meet Urmila Kandha | Amazon Best Selling Author | Leader | Enterprise Agile Coach

Urmila Kandha is the author of the best-selling book, The DevOps Assessment & Essentials of Agile Transformation. She has 21+ years of IT experience in International Business and significant experience in IT Process Transformation, Program Management, Agile and DevOps Coaching,

Total Gaming
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Success Story Of Total Gaming | Ajju Bhai Biography

Total Gaming is India’s most subscribed gaming YouTuber who mostly plays Garena Free Fire and GTA 5 on his YouTube channel. Ajju Bhai, owner of Total Gaming is a pro-Free Fire player also known as AWM KING due to his

Barkha Singh
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Success Story Of Barkha Singh | Indian Actress, Model & YouTuber

Barkha Singh is very famous Indian actress, model, YouTuber and social media personality who works in Hindi films and web series. Barkha started her career by portraying Tina in the Hrithik Roshan & Kareena Kapoor starrer romantic drama film Mujhse

Tilak Mehta
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Success Story Of A 13 Year Old Boy; Tilak Mehta | Founder Of Paper n Parcel

A 13-year-old student studying in school has built crores of company, now giving jobs to people. It is said that ingenuity is not an age and the skill does not wait for any special time, Tilak Mehta of Mumbai showed

Elinor Moshe
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Meet Elinor Moshe | Founder of The Construction Coach | Mentor | Speaker

Elinor Moshe is the founder of The Construction Coach, where she guides, inspires,s and directs industry professionals and future leaders in the construction industry. Other than this she is a successful mentor, speaker, and author & also hosts a podcast

Prem Ganapathy
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Meet Prem Ganapathy, Who Worked As A Tea-Boy Set Up The Chain Of Dosa Plaza

If you want to fly in life then learn to fall because when you stumble in the path of life, it is not known. Those are the ones who reach the destination without stumbling, but in the difficult times of

Ramesh Babu
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Success Story Of Ramesh Babu | Journey From A Barber To Became Billionaire

In life, one’s hard work never goes waste, and those who try it do not lose. Ramesh Babu of Bengaluru showed this to be true, he has made a billion business today with his hard work and dedication from a

Wilma Rudolph
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Story of Wilma Rudolph, Who Could Not Stand On Her Feet In Childhood, Yet Became The World’s Fastest Runner

Nothing is impossible for those who struggle and work in life, except that any work is done with true loyalty. They say that if a work is done with a sincere mind, then all the work helps you in completing