Gaurav Taneja AKA FlyingBeast creates new 40-minute record! Rasbhari Ke Papa

A Indian YouTuber has created record for fastest channel ever to gain 100K Subscribers!

YouTube is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms ever. Since it launched in 2005, people from countries all over the world have used the video-sharing site to gain popularity which can even then turn into a full-time career.

But to make YouTube your job, you have to have a lot of subscribers. And one YouTuber has just become the fastest YouTuber ever to gain 100,000 subscribers, a day before his birthday too!

With three separate channels, Guarav Taneja is one of the most popular YouTubers in India, and well-loved by all of his fans.

Guarav Taneja hit 100k Subs in just 40 minutes

On July 8th, Three Hours Before his 34th Birthday, Guarav Taneja launched his third YouTube channel Rasbhari Ke Papa.

40 minutes after the channel went live on YouTube, it hit 100,000 subscribers, making him the fastest YouTuber to hit 100k ever.

The channel went live with an introduction video, explaining that the channel was going to be for gaming and live-streaming, and Guarav tweeted out the time his new channel would be launching earlier in the day.

His first video on Rasbhari Ke Papa channel:-

Who is Guarav Taneja AKA FlyingBeast?

Guarav Taneja is a pilot, fitness instructor and YouTuber from Delhi, India.

He is most popular for his channel Flying Beast where he posts lifestyle videos, travel content and is a daily vlogger, with over 3 million subscribers.

His second channel is called FitMuscle TV, a fitness related channel with over 1.5 million subscribers.

His Lovely & Supporting Family

Gaurav Taneja is very lucky person, his family is always supports him on every ups & down.

Wishing You Happy Birthday FlyingBeast!

And just a day after breaking the record for the fastest channel to gain 100,000 subscribers ever, it’s Guarav’s birthday. That was definitely a good birthday present!

Lots of people on Twitter have been showing their support towards the popular YouTuber and his family.

One person said: “Happy Birthday to one of the most successful YouTuber of India @flyingbeast320, Love you Guarav, you are inspiration for many.”

Another said: “He is a Pilot, He is an India’s top Vlogger, But still he is down to earth and deeply connected to Indian culture. Wishing Happy birthday to my role model.”

It’s safe to say Guarav Taneja is definitely loved by all his fans!

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