Inspiring Story Of Damini Sen | Who Was Born Without Arms But Still Went On To Set a World Record

It is said that people write their fortune with their hands and believe in the lines of their hands, they believe that their fate will change one day or the other. But have you ever thought who writes the fate of those who do not have hands, because they have neither hands nor hands streak.

We are going to tell you about a girl who does not have both hands, yet she writes her luck in such a beautiful way that even the watchers get confused. Damini Sen of Raipur is drawing pictures of her destiny with her feet and is engraved with such beauty that even two-handed humans are amazed to see.

Damini Sen
Damini Sen

She studies with her feet:

Damini Sen, a resident of Virgaon in Raipur, the capital of Chhattisgarh, has not been born since birth. But Damini never let it become her weakness, instead Damini completed her lack of hands with her feet. When Damini was three years old, her mother taught her to write on foot.

Damini’s mother used to teach her to write by holding a chalk, pencil or pen between her toes to make her child capable and like others. Damini started practicing from childhood, though it was not so easy for her to write on foot. He also suffered a lot, but it became easier in the face of hard work.

Family supporting her:

Damini belongs to an ordinary family, her father is employed in a school and her mother is a homemaker. In order to educate Damini in childhood, her parents had to wander a lot, most school teachers say Damini cannot read. Because it has no hands. After much effort, Damini studied up to class VIII at Deepesh Vidya Mandir School in Mohalla. After this, he passed the 12th examination from Gurukul School, Ravanabhatha with 73 percent marks.

Damini Sen
Damini Sen

Damini had an interest in studies since childhood, so despite trying to write with her feet despite having no hands. She would come back home every day to read the subjects taught by the teacher in school and try to understand the lesson taught the next day.

Foot painting:

Damini has proved that by doing so many good points, the work that ordinary people do with their hands, Damini does the same work with the help of his feet. Divyang Damini’s parents never left her since childhood, she not only taught her to write with her feet but also made Damini a master in a lot of work like painting, rangoli, mehndi, cooking. So that they never feel like they are different from other children.

Though Damini’s dream is to serve the public by going to the civil service, but Damini had to win the battle of life, leaving behind his shortcomings. So Damini started making paintings from her feet and seeing that Damini saw Having won two world records, Damini made 38 paintings with his feet in one hour.

Damini Sen
Damini Sen

Made two world records:

While making the world record, Damini took less than two minutes to make a painting. A target of making 30 paintings in an hour was given in front of him. After which Damini surprised everyone by making 38 paintings with her toes. Damini was very fond of painting from childhood as well as her education, so her family taught Damini one by one, day and night, and got her to this point.

Damini’s enthusiasm inspired many, and Damini along with some of her peers formed a Motivation Group and inspired thousands of children. Seeing the ability of Damini, Prime Minister PM Modi conferred the award, and said – Writing of feet is better than writing of my hand.

Holding World Record Certificates
Holding World Record Certificates

Damini, despite not having a hand, performed the duty of having a daughter well, and by doing this, she showed that luck can be changed with the help of hard work.

Watch her video on Times Now Channel:

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Very Inspiring Story- she showes world her inner power. Agar inshan chah le to kuch bhi kar sakta hai