There are many Indian cricketers who have brought laurels to the country along with their family due to their hard work and ability. One of them is Jasprit Bumrah of Ahmedabad who achieved the title of fast bowler in a very short time.

Jasprit Bumrah
Jasprit Bumrah

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Jasprit Bumrah was born in Ahmedabad, he was fond of playing cricket since childhood. While his friends loved batting, Bumrah loved bowling a lot. At the age of just 7, the father’s shadow was lifted from his head, after which Bumrah’s mother raised both of his children. After the father’s death, the financial condition of the house had deteriorated, his mother was running his family’s expenses in some way. But Bumrah still did not lose his attachment to bowling.

Bumrah’s mother was a teacher in a primary school and Jaspreet also studied in the same school. After coming home from school, Bumrah started bowling on the wall itself, due to which the mother’s scolding also had to be heard. His mother did not allow Bumrah to go outside for fear of a deteriorating health.

After his father passed away, Bumrah did not have money to buy shoes, due to which he used to wear the same clothes and shoes daily, but in such circumstances he did not let his dream break, but hard work On the strength of this, he kept moving forward. Because he had confidence in his ability, his time will come one day when he will rule the hearts of millions of fans.

Jasprit Bumrah
Jasprit Bumrah

Bumrah’s mother did not want her son to step into the world of cricket, her mother explained to her about the growing challenges in cricket and at first refused. But Bumrah very fondly explained to his mother that he is very fond of cricket and without it his life is incomplete. Then after much persuasion, his mother approved him to play cricket. After that Jasprit started bowling with all his hard work.

After which he got an opportunity to train at MRF Pace Foundation, here the fast bowlers are trained. During this training, Jasprit did one day and night and seeing his superb bowling, he got a chance to play in the Gujarat Under-19 team. He surprised the audience by taking 7 wickets and performing well during his first match.

After the same performance, he also got a chance to play in the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy and during this tournament Mumbai Indians coach John Wright saw him bowling. Considering Bumrah’s ability and superb bowling, coach John Wright decided to play for the Mumbai Indians in the IPL. In his first match of the IPL, Bumrah ensured his place in the team by taking the wicket of Virat Kohli.

Bumrah also suffered a serious injury during the Duleep Trophy in 2014, after which he also had to undergo his knee surgery. The day was full of difficulties for Bumrah, he thought he might never be able to bowl. But he did not give up, after some time of treatment, he again returned to the field with hard work and Brightened the name of the country. Today he is named one of the millionaire cricketers.

Jasprit Bumrah & Virat Kohli
Jasprit Bumrah & Virat Kohli

The struggling story of Jasprit Bumrah is an inspiration for the youth, because the way he handled himself after losing his father in childhood and practiced bowling by wearing the same clothes every day, it is not possible for everyone. Today, good batsmen tremble with Bumrah’s bowling and try to avoid his bowling.

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