There is a saying that dreams come true only to those who do not give up dreaming under any circumstances. Such is the story of NRI, Jyothi Reddy, who has traveled from crores of rupees daily to crores due to his ability and hard work, bypassing all the difficulties going on in life.

Jyothi Reddy
Jyothi Reddy

Jyothi was born in a poor family in the Warangal district of Telangana, her mother died in childhood. Due to the poor financial condition of the house, his family left him in an orphanage, staying there, Jyothi started studying diligently and passed the class 10th examination from First Division.

But due to poverty, she could not do further studies. Due to the poor financial condition of the house, he left his studies and started working in the fields. Where at that time he used to get only 5 rupees as wages. But Jyothi’s troubles did not end here, but at the age of 16, she was married to a man older than 10 years.

Jyothi had become the mother of 2 daughters only after two years of marriage, but due to the poor financial condition of the house, there were problems in raising the girls. In such a situation, Jyothi once again started working in the field. Due to the lack of money in the house, there used to be quarrels between husband and wife every day. But Jyothi thought that whatever happens, her children have to give a good life, Jyothi thought in her own mind that she is suffering. She will not let the girls be raised.

Jyothi Reddy Family
Jyothi Reddy Family

Jyothi used to get a remuneration of only five rupees while working in the field, but despite this, she did not lose courage and continued the work with hard work. Jyothi started working with some people as she worked in the field and after some time Jyothi got a chance to join the Nehru Yuva Kendra under a central government scheme. After joining this institute, he again started his studies as well as typing.

After some time he started teaching in a school as an adult education teacher and his monthly income at that time was 120 rupees. With this money, she used to buy fruits and milk for the children. But her husband did not like her work, yet she continued her work.

In 1992, he got a special teacher job in a school 70 km away, but it was not easy for him to travel so far every day. During this period, half of her salary would have ended in the coming and going, so she started selling sarees on the train. Even during the days of struggle, Jyothi did not stop studying and Dr. BR Ambedkar passed BA degree in 1994 from Open University. As soon as he passed BA, he took admission in a computer software course.

In 2000, her cousin living in the US came to the village, after which Jyothi was very impressed with her lifestyle. Jyothi’s cousin offered her to come to America, which she accepted. Jyothi got her children admitted to a missionary school and went to America. Even after reaching there, he had to face a lot of problems, because his English was not good, so he had a lot of problems in getting jobs.

Jyothi Reddy
Jyothi Reddy

She worked from sales girl to a petrol pump in the early days of America. After much struggle, he got a $ 60 dollar job in 12 hours. Through such work, he saved about 40 thousand dollars till 2001. Apart from this, Jyothi often started going to the Visa Office and Court regarding the work of Visa.

After visiting the Visa Office continuously, he noticed that people are willing to pay the required amount for visa processing. After which he started working on visa consulting. Gradually, she started being successful in this work, then she made software for consulting in the visa case and converted it into a company. Today, many big company clients, including software solutions real estate clients. Today Jyothi is the CEO of the ‘Software Solution’ company and she is a millionaire now.

Ever-living in a one-room house and orphanage, Jyothi achieved this milestone on her own, she was sure that she would do something big in her life. Therefore, you must see dreams, but also have the courage to fulfill them.

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