To make our dreams come true, we need confidence and passion, not of an entire body. There is a saying that we can climb the stairs of success only when the foundation of our hard work will be strong. Kalpesh Chaudhary, a resident of Surat, has shown these lines to be true. Even after being Divyang, he proved that even the most difficult situations can be beaten on the basis of hard work and ability.

Kalpesh Chaudhary
Kalpesh Chaudhary

Kalpesh Chaudhary was born in Surat, Gujarat, and was suffering from a serious disease like polio since childhood. His body was badly hit by polio. When his parents showed him to the doctor, it was found that now one of his legs will never be able to work, meaning Kalpesh had been disabled by one leg.

Unfortunately, Polio had taken away Kalpesh’s ability to move but failed to snatch his spirits. Divyang Kalpesh had prepared himself to fight the challenges faced by him after missing a leg.

Kalpesh thought that studying is one such support, due to which all his dreams can be fulfilled. So he started studying, but after the death of his father, he left his studies after 11th due to financial problems. Because the responsibility of the entire house fell on Kalpesh.

Kalpesh Chaudhary
Kalpesh Chaudhary

While on one hand, he was unable to walk, on the other hand, the burden of the family came upon him from the sister’s wedding. But even under this circumstance, he did not lose courage. Kalpesh’s father had a small business, in which Kalpesh also used to lend his father’s hand.

Kalpesh never turned back from his responsibility after his father passed away. He decided to pursue his father’s business while taking his step forward. He put great emphasis on making the business successful, he learned new ways of running the business and he started the diamond supply from a very small level.

Kalpesh never let his physical weakness dominate himself. But it was not easy for Kalpesh to do all this, but still, he did not give up. Today, Kalpesh Diamond Trading Business has an annual turnover of crores of rupees. Along with this, Kalpesh is also married and his wife is also a Divyang and has two children. Kalpesh is leading a happy life with his family.

Kalpesh Chaudhary
Kalpesh Chaudhary

Kalpesh says that the disabled also have the right to live a good life and the society should also be fully supported in this. There is a saying that those who try will never give up, Kalpesh also faced challenges without fearing them.

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