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Have you seen GangaJal Movie ..? Or Singham! If you have not seen, you must have seen! Seeing an IPS officer fighting alone with the filth and corruption spread in the society and instilling faith in the law and order of the people in the heart, it definitely emerges from the heart that I wish we could do something similar for our society. Well from time to time our society has seen many such heroes who have given up everything for the country and that is why they are very popular among the people. One such real life hero is Manu Maharaj.

Manu Maharaj
Manu Maharaj

Manu Maharaj earned name and fame as SSP of Patna. Not only criminals had fear for him, but the policemen also have to bear the burnt for any dereliction of duty. At more than one occasions, Manu Maharaj had suspended the entire policemen posted at a Police Station in Patna. It is Manu Maharaj who had taken action against powerful senior IAS officers in the infamous BSSC Inter Level Exam scam. IAS Association has lots of complaints about him.

After being promoted as the DIG, he was sent to Munger, thus ending the memorable and long innings as SSP of Patna. At Munger, he is expected to become a nightmare to rampant illegal arms trade, including that of AK 47.

Manu Maharaj
Manu Maharaj

Biography & Wiki Info About Manu Maharaj

Manu Maharaj was born and brought up in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh. He did his schooling from Shimla. He cracked Roorkey Entrance Examination in 2000 and took admission for B. Tech. (Roorkey is now an IIT). After completing B. Tech, he rejected offers to work in the corporate sector. He got himself enrolled in an environmental course in the JNU in Delhi and started preparation for Civil Services. He was dreaming about becoming an IPS officer. 

Manu Maharaj had also given IPS as his first choice in the Detailed Application Form (DAF) that was required to be filled before Mains Examination. He had secured good All India Rank which could have ensured him to become an IAS. However, he was offered IPS as per his choice. He couldn’t get Himachal Pradesh cadre and the rooster system allotted him Bihar.

Manu Maharaj attracted attention of Nitish Kumar from his early days in the state. He is from Himachal Pradesh and is firmly apolitical. His decisions don’t show a modicum of biasness. He is also against taking any decision based on caste line. These all combination always gave Nitish Kumar to give him the best responsibility. Needless to say, he never disappointed the CM. 

Manu Maharaj was born on 20thOctober, 1974. It means at this juncture he is 45 years old. Manu Maharaj is a Brahmin by caste. He is from Himachal Pradesh. He belongs to an orthodox Brahmin family. However, his work never shows any prejudiced decisions just because of his caste. Manu Maharaj is married and living in Patna with his wife & children.

Manu Maharaj & His Wife
Manu Maharaj & His Wife

Some Facts About Real Life Singham, Manu Maharaj:

The facts about Real Life Singham Manu Maharaj related to Manu Maharaj very few people know that once in film style, Manu ji reaches round a police gypsy wearing round face, broken bicycle & slippers and He says to his in-charge that he is very poor. Rosie was returning after earning bread that the miscreants attacked me and took away all my money.

In such a situation, first the police kept on smiling and asking them to run, later when Manu did not agree, then a policeman was going to slap him, then he removed the head from his head. Brother, stand in front of the SSP and if your mistake is caught then what happens, someone should ask them..

Manu Maharaj
Manu Maharaj

Once Manu ji changed his disguise to see the law and order of his city at night. On the way, he also took information from the people about the law and police behavior. He was surprised that he was not stopped on the way, nor was his helmet checked. In such a situation, he complained to the police station in-charge and sentenced him.

There Is a very funny anecdote. Once Manu Maharaj ji steals a government gypsy using the key of his bike from a police station under his charge and drives him to the city all night without any disturbance. It is a matter of great surprise that no one stopped them and searched them in the night, nor did the police station take any action against the stolen government vehicle. In this morning, they reach the same police station in the morning from where the vehicle was stolen, then you can imagine yourself what happened next.

Manu Maharaj
Manu Maharaj

Who is not convinced about the style of Manu Maharaj Ji? Today, in our monarchy, bureaucrats are responsible for running the entire country. In such a situation, Manu Maharaj is definitely an inspiration for the youth of us. On behalf of the entire family of Trending Hour, we extend our best wishes to our ideal Manu ji for the future.

Let’s hope In the same way, they will continue to teach people law and order in film style. If you also liked this article related to Manu Ji, then do not forget to comment in the comment box below.

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