Emmanuel Noel
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Interview with Emmanuel Noel | Serial Entrepreneur & MD Of TecGrove Edu-venture

Emmanuel Noel is a Serial Entrepreneur, Managing Director at TecGrove Edu-venture LLP & e-VP @Rabinnson. He is also a award winner of “Top 50 World Tech Leader”. Today we got chance to interview with him. We hope this can inspire

Dr. Anjana Vinod Kumar
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Meet Dr. Anjana Vinod Kumar | Founder & Director of Impact Enhancer |  Breast Cancer Coach in India | Image Consultant | Author | Speaker 

Dr. Anjana Vinod is the founder and director of Impact Enhancer, where she helps breast cancer survivors to gain their self-confidence and inspires them to never give up. She has been a cancer survivor and hence connects with empathy with

Ambika Pathania

Meet Ambika Pathania | Author of Food With Succulent Flavors | Author | Influencer | Content Manager

Ambika Pathania is the author of Food With Succulent Flavors, a recipe book where she shares tips and techniques for getting ahead and has been rigorously tested to make your cooking enjoyable, delectable & stress-free. She is also the Influencer

Akriti Kapoor & Bhavna Varma

Meet This Duo: Akriti Kapoor & Bhavna Varma | Co-Founders Of Label Akriti & Bhavna

Akriti Kapoor & Bhavna Varma are the Co-Founders of Label Akriti & Bhavna, a size-inclusive clothing brand, and their motto is to serve people of all shapes and sizes. The duo believes in providing the best quality products and services

Happy International Women’s Day to EVERYONE

International Women’s Day | In Focus: Tanjina Khan

On 8th March, the world celebrates International Women’s Day. A very special day that is dedicated to celebrating the accomplishments of women in all spheres of life, be it in the corporate world, politics, entertainment, society, or even at home.

Empathy is The Secret Ingredient for Customer Success

Empathy is The Secret Ingredient for Customer Success

Empathy isn’t just about making customers happy; it’s about knowing what will make them happy and what will push them over the edge, in addition to knowing the reasons behind the emotions that you do see. It’s about speaking their

Karishma Chhatrapati
Inspiration Interview

Meet Karishma Chhatrapati | Co-Founder Of Fitza | Psychologist | Inspirational Speaker | Author

Karishma Chhatrapati is the Co-founder; Chief Mindset & Wellness Expert of Fitza, a mobile-first, transformative technology application that empowers people with integrated, personalized, and value-based nutrition and wellness care. She is also a Spiritual Speaker, Mindset Transformation Coach, Psychotherapist, Psychologist, and Writer. She is developing her own community – Being Spiritual with KUC, wherein She provides all kinds of Mindfulness & Guided Meditation Coaching, along with conducting workshops to help one achieve personal excellence, by becoming more spiritually more aware. She aspires to inspire people with her creative ability of writing, creativity, and guidance and let people discover the purpose of their life. Today we got a chance to interview her, let’s learn more about her & her inspiring journey.  Excerpts from our exclusive interview with Karishma Chhatrapati: Q1)

Arpit Khandelwal & Ankit Agrawal
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Interview With Founders of NeoDove | A Telecalling CRM & Sales Engagement Platform

Arpit Khandelwal & Ankit Agrawal are the Co-founders of NeoDove, an incredibly powerful Telecalling CRM and Sales Engagement Platform for your telecallers to increase their efficiency and help them convert more. Today we got a chance to interview with them,