Food waste or food loss is that which is left uneaten or discarded. Indians waste food worth INR 88,800 crore per year, which is equivalent to INR 244 crore being wasted daily. Even after producing more food than it needs, 194 million people go hungry in India every day and as a result India ranks a disappointing 103 among 119 countries in Global Hunger Index. This wastage has a knock-on effect on the environment, as the efforts made to produce this generates greenhouse gases, uses water, and can lead to deforestation.

What is the government doing?

The Indian government is making efforts to curb the wastage of food by setting up new storage facilities, making distribution more efficient, and distributing excess grains.

What can you do?

Some of the avenues that can be explored are educating farmers on good storage practices, providing transportation and storage facilities, re-distributing leftover food from parties and events, and setting up compost plants.

How will your ideas help?

Solutions to reduce or remove this problem will solve a multitude of problems for our country including widespread malnutrition, hunger, deforestation, and groundwater depletion.

Concerned Ministries?

  • Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare
  • Ministry of Food Processing Industries

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