PUBG Mobile Lite New Varenga update, new weapons and more

PUBG Mobile Lite is celebrating its first anniversary with the v0.18.0 update. The new update features a monsoon themed update to Varenga as well as a new Arena Temple Map. It will also include a bunch of anniversary-themed content added to the game, along with a bunch of new additions and updates.

The update has been teased in the form of easter eggs for quite a while now and gamers playing on Varenga will now notice that the Northwest side of the map will now feature uncovered ruins. They will also find new construction work in the tunnels located on the Southern mountain range that reveal an explorable hall within the mountains. Players can also board cable cars to get a bird’s eye view of the map. But do note that these cars can be quite slow. 

PUBG Mobile Lite v0.18.0: New Varenga update, new weapons and more

Besides updates to the map, PUBG Mobile Lite’s v0.18.0 update also adds two new weapons, both SMGs The first is the P90 SMG which will be exclusive to the Arena mode. However, those who prefer Classic mode can look forward to the MP5K SMG. Other new features include an integrated vault and gliding function in the arena as well as an indicator for Grenades. SMGs and now be accessorised with the same attachments as pistols while the M16 Rifle will now be able to accept stock attachments. 

Other new added features include Anniversary Celebration in lobby backgrounds and Spawn Island, while the app icon has also be decorated to reflect PUBG Mobile Lite’s first anniversary. Meanwhile, the Daily Mission System has also been reformatted and popularity rankings have been added to player stats. There is also a new option to send gifts. Other improvements include the addition of 3D models of vehicles, parachute, and plane finishes have been added to the main lobby, Pass page and opening screen. There is also a new Gold redemption feature, special vouchers and integrated direct cash purchase feature.

Other changes

As the game celebrates its first anniversary, the in-game lobby backgrounds, spawn Island, and app icon have been changed accordingly. The Daily Mission System has been reformatted and players will be able to check their Popularity rankings in their stats. Players will be able to see 3D model displays of vehicles, parachutes, and plane finishes in the lobby, pass page, and opening screen. There is also a new gold redemption feature, special vouchers, and a direct cash purchase feature.

PUBG Mobile Lite is available for free, with the latest update, on the Google Play store and is 564MB in size.

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