Life is a cycle of happiness and sorrow, this is the truth of life. Some people soon give up on life, while some people are ready to do anything to realize their dreams. One such person is actress Sudha Chandran, who despite losing a leg in childhood, did not lose courage and made a different identity in Bollywood.

Sudha Chandran was born on 21 September 1964 in a middle-class family in Kerala, but despite this, her parents got her higher education from Mumbai. Since childhood, Sudha was very fond of studies as well as dance, so she started learning Bharatnatyam from the age of only 3. She went dancing class after school every day and reached home around 9.30 pm. She was a class topper in 10th standard.

Sudha Chandran
Sudha Chandran

Once when Sudha Chandran was traveling by bus, suddenly her bus accident happened. Due to which there was a serious injury to his leg after which all the passengers on the bus were admitted to the private hospital there. At first, the doctor bandaged his injury, but after some time he got gangrene in that wound, due to which he had to sever his leg. At the age of 16, he had to amputate his right leg, yet he did not lose courage. But since childhood, Sudha, who was fond of dance, was unable to walk after the operation and her mind kept cursing her luck while lying on the bed.

She started feeling that her life was destroyed due to not having a leg and she would never be able to dance anymore. They also thought that now their future went completely into darkness. Because Sudha had cherished the dream of becoming a great dancer since childhood.

But an accident overturned his life, he felt as if everything was over, after the accident, the people of the society started seeing Sudha Chandran with kindness and poorness. But then Sudha Chandran took a vow, now, whatever happens, something has to be done so that people can show that there was no accident in their life.

After some time Sudha was put on an artificial leg, after which he started walking again slowly. Sudha was encouraged and forgetting the traumatic accident, started focusing on her dream again. But it was not easy for them to walk and dance by putting fake feet, many times they kept falling while walking and they had a lot of trouble while dancing, even then they practiced dance day and night.

Sudha Chandran
Sudha Chandran

He did not lose courage and kept moving forward. When she got an offer to perform at St. Xavier’s, she was quite scared before going on stage, however, the performance was very good and the awards were also received.

When Sudha’s story appeared in a newspaper, filmmaker Ramoji Rao looked at her story. 

He made a film called “Mayuri” in Telugu in 1984 on Sudha’s life. Sudha was seen playing an important role in this film. After this film, his life changed completely and Sudha Chandran got a chance to work in many Hindi serials. Sudha has been seen acting strongly in a serial called Nagin.

The story of Sudha Chandran is quite inspiring for all of us, even after losing a leg, she did not let the obstacles come in the way of her dreams. He faced all the troubles in life and finally achieved his destination.

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