Urmila Kandha
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Meet Urmila Kandha | Amazon Best Selling Author | Leader | Enterprise Agile Coach

Urmila Kandha is the author of the best-selling book, The DevOps Assessment & Essentials of Agile Transformation. She has 21+ years of IT experience in International Business and significant experience in IT Process Transformation, Program Management, Agile and DevOps Coaching,

Pramod Kumar Rajput Earn Indian Achievers' Awards
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Interview With Pramod Kumar Rajput | Vertical Head & Sr Vice President at Cadila Pharmaceuticals Limited

Pramod Kumar Rajput is a dynamic, result-oriented professional with a rich experience of over 39 years in pharmaceutical & Healthcare sales & marketing while working as Sr. Vice President & Vertical Head. He has grown from Grass root level ie

Tilak Mehta
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Success Story Of A 13 Year Old Boy; Tilak Mehta | Founder Of Paper n Parcel

A 13-year-old student studying in school has built crores of company, now giving jobs to people. It is said that ingenuity is not an age and the skill does not wait for any special time, Tilak Mehta of Mumbai showed

Renuka Aradhya

Meet Renuka Aradhya | Made His Identity Out Of Poverty, Today He Is The Owner Of Crores

It is said that no one can change luck, but hard work is the only way that you can achieve everything by doing it with full vigor. Renuka Aradhya of Bengaluru got out of extreme poverty and established his empire