Dr. Sneha Sharma

Interview With Dr. Sneha Sharma | Public Speaking Coach l Career Personality Coach l Marketing Consultant

Dr. Sneha Sharma is a seasoned career personality coach and public speaking trainer for the last 10 years. She has spent the last decade in grooming and helping other people refine their skills. She has coached over 7000 students in

Arpita Ghosh
Inspiration Interview

Meet Arpita Ghosh | Counselor At Christ | Author | Speaker

Arpita Ghosh is the Counselor At Christ, Author & Speaker, and her purpose is empowering Individuals Touching Lives. She is adept at working on behavioral changes and has a psychological understanding. A motivator and inspiration to old and young alike,

Deepak Sharma

Meet Deepak Sharma | Founder & President of Deep Success Mantra Services

Deepak Sharma is the Founder & President of Deep Success Mantra. He is a Erudite Professional Life Coach & Wellness Consultant with +18 Years of Comprehensive Coaching, Consulting, HR, Yoga & Meditation and Training & Development experience also proven ability