On 8th March, the world celebrates International Women’s Day. A very special day that is dedicated to celebrating the accomplishments of women in all spheres of life, be it in the corporate world, politics, entertainment, society, or even at home.

It is therefore a day where the entire world unites to further promote and raise awareness regarding gender equality and calls on actions to achieve it. While a lot has changed for women over the decades, gender discrimination remains a major challenge especially when it comes to leadership.

Women are 50% of the world’s population. Their lived experiences, talents, and perspectives need a seat at every table. Again, this isn’t just a nice thing to do. It’s the smart thing to do. Women are effective decision-makers and are it, men or women, every talented individual deserves a chance in order for a society to prosper and grow.

Happy International Women’s Day to EVERYONE
Happy International Women’s Day to EVERYONE

This women’s day, we would like to shed a bit of light on our very own mental biases. It is quite common for most of us to think that leadership is a masculine trait or masculine behavior that comes naturally to men.

This leads to an unconscious gender bias that sometimes we really are not aware of but is deep-seated in our minds. This can be present even in people who consider themselves progressive, including young people of today’s time. Rather than thinking of big steps to overcome this bias, we think it is best to simply realize the fact that we all have this bias within us and it is something we might need to work on or get rid of.

This simple idea can be a catalyst for greater awareness of this bias. Mere realization that leadership is genderless is all that is needed for a world where inequality is celebrated.

Tanjina Khan
Tanjina Khan

It’s inspiring to know, Nowadays there are multiple Womenpreneurs who; Taken steps to work on basis of equality. One of them is Tanjina Ashraf Khan Mou, Chairperson & CEO Of the Mentcouch International Psychology Centre. Her aim is to provide a modern, warm, and friendly environment for clients, equipped with experts that are high on empathy and always ready to lend an ear. Read her interview & aspiring journey-

Happy International Women’s Day to EVERYONE!

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