Brand New Scope For This Creative Generations: Entertainment Design. We have talked with the CEO & founder of Kreiva Interactive, Dilip Kumar Shrivastava regarding the Entertainment design stream, in which Kreiva Interactive is sorely working. let’s explore the emerging stream of brainstorming and creating the design artwork.

Entertainment Design is the package of Concept design/Concept art, Visual development, and storyboarding for the Entertainment  Media  Industry like feature films, Animated movies, TV/Web series, and Television commercials. The stream is becoming vast as per the increasing media platforms in this advanced digitized world. Let’s have the conversation with Dilip Kumar Shrivastava to know much more about this stream:-

Dilip Kumar Shrivastava
Dilip Kumar Shrivastava

Q1) Hi Dilip, What does entertainment design mean to you?

Entertainment design is completely a  brainstorming process of creating the design artwork in form of sketching, creating illustration, or image compositing to convey the idea of the final product or the final result. Behind every project in the entertainment industry such as movies, video games, and animation series and movies, there’s an artist imagining the characters and settings of those virtual worlds, to create the visual representation of what is going to be created. To see and understand the imagery of the creations is important to know the artist behind the creation and development. Nowadays having easy access to the works of these artists with the releases of the concept art books of the movies and video games.

Q2) How the entertainment design is different from Industrial design?

The procedure of creation is similar ” Explore, Brainstorm, create and get feedback’s and approval from clients”.  The Client may be the director or creative director if you are working on feature films, animation movies, and  TV Commercials, It also may be the art director if you are working on some video games project. But in Industrial design,  you have to be intense logical, and technical because you are going to create the design of that product which is going to be created for the real world and should be according to the technical aspect as well like automation and aeronautics design is a strong example for industrial design.

In entertainment design, the artist/designer has the freedom to focus on aesthetics because they are going to create things for the virtual world, You may design costumes and armors in industrial design but you can’t design some mythical creature or fantasy character in industrial design.

Q3) What qualifications and skills required to get into this entertainment design  Industry?  Is there any school from where students can pursue the specialization regarding this stream?

You may not require a  qualification or a bachelor’s degree or diploma. if you have enough talent as an artist and an impressive portfolio of work, then you can get into the industry. you may have the visualize power and ability to create a quick sketch during visualization. rest software skills and medium you will learn during your profession. Even in Kreiva I prefer those, who have an interest and instinct for art and creativity and the ability to keep on learning and upgrading themselves. However, if you decide to complete a  formal education program, Few schools are there around the world and also in  India.

If you want to pursue from  India, few renowned Institutes are there like, IDC of  IIT  Bombay, NID(National Institute of Design), some private institutes like FX School  Mumbai, Ecole intuit lab, Vancouver film school.

If you want to pursue the course internationally then you may prefer schools like  FZD Singapore, GNOMON, ArtCenter college of design, California Institute of the arts and much more are there. Also, you can prefer online courses for  Entertainment design.

Q4) What is the scope for the artists and designers if they choose this entertainment design stream? Why it is considered as the scope?

See, In earlier days, especially in  India. The stream of fine art was very limited and people even don’t know about the multiple streams of designing,  if you think about an artist then you used to imagine the brush, canvas, and Picasso. But now these days, the world has been digitized. Lots of digital mediums are there like smartphones, tablets, Smart Tv and for these gadgets, you have lots of entertainment mediums like streaming channels and video games, the obviously rapid increment of entertainment productivity stuff that include video games (for mobile, PC  and console), animation movies and seasons.  More will be the productivity more would be the requirement.

Q5) What advice would you give to the one who wants to be into this stream?

If you truly love art and entertainment then don’t give up on your dream. just Explore the stream as much as you can, develop your observation skills, draw the things as much as you can. Keep on drawing things with your imagination and reference sources are available on the sites like  and People from other creative streams like an architect, Interior design, Interior photography, production design have a  plus point for this stream,  as they are warmly welcome. Like I said it’s a  combination of creativity,  brainstorming, and design. 

Earlier we don’t have that much facility over here in  India but with the saturation of entertainment design the other media entertainment sector especially the gaming industry, Animation Industry would be more consolidated and along with that the artists and designer would also have a  strong career and future like we use to see for the people working in software industries. People do scare to choose the designing stream just because they think about job insecurity, but believe me, after the saturation of entertainment design, this kind of drawback would subside.

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