Free Fire OB23 update: How to download & play new map

  • Here is a step by step guide to download and play Bermuda 2.0 map in Free Fire OB23 advance server.
  • Bermuda 2.0 map is named as Bermuda Remastered in Free Fire.

The developers of Free Fire have officially launched the OB23 Advance Server. Registered players can test the upcoming features in advance. The next big update will add a new character- Lucas, Bermuda 2.0 map, and much more.

Bermuda 2.0, which is the revamped version of Bermuda map, has already created a buzz among Free Fire players. A number of new locations will be added to the map.

Free Fire: Steps to play Bermuda 2.0

OB23 Advance Server APK:

Download Bermuda 2.0
Download Bermuda 2.0

Bermuda Remastered or Bermuda 2.0, is currently available in the OB23 advance server. Free Fire players can follow the steps given below to play the map before it is released globally:

  1. Download the Free Fire OB23 Advance Server APK from the aforementioned link.
  2. Install the APK file and make sure that your device has around 2GB of free storage.
  3. Open the Advance Server application and login with your Facebook account.
  4. Now, go to the download center present on the top of the main screen of the game and download the Bermuda Remastered map.
  5. After the download is complete, go to the match section and select the Clash Squad mode.
  6. After selecting the mode, click on the Start button and enjoy the game.
Clash Squad Mode
Clash Squad Mode

Bermuda Remastered map changes

Plan Bermuda
Plan Bermuda

Several changes have been made to the original Bermuda map. The first change is that the Peak area will not be plain anymore, and will now be a mountain. Along with this, Sentosa has been completely replaced with a new place called Vagami Garden.

New locations known as Hydropower (between Riverside and Plantation), Academy (near Farm) and Fisherman Creek have also been added to the new version of the map.

Here’s a look at the revamped Bermuda map:

Bermuda 2.0 in OB23 update
Bermuda 2.0 in OB23 update

The release date of the update is not announced officially. However, it is expected to be rolled out on 29th July 2020. Here is a gameplay video of the new Bermuda 2.0 map:

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