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Recruiting Trends That Are Shaping Up

Recruiting Trends That Are Shaping Up

For many open roles out there, it’s a candidate’s market. Especially in highly-skilled, in-demand roles, quality employees often have their pick of places to work. This makes the role of the recruiter even more vital. Recruiters are often the business’s

White Noise Design Studio
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A Chit-Chat With Team White Noise Design Studio | Rddhima Golyan | Sanjana Paramhans | Utsav Shah

White Noise Design Studio is a creative interior firm on the growth. It is the brainchild of three unique designers based in New York City and Los Angeles. They design well-considered, welcoming places that effectively meld architecture and interiors. Today

Best 5 Apparel & Lifestyle Brand Consultants In Bangalore

Best 5 Apparel & Lifestyle Brand Consultants In Bangalore

The fashion retail category continues to lead modern retail in India backed by the ever-growing dreams of the Indian fashion consumer. Here we are sharing Best 5 Apparel & Lifestyle brand Consultants in Bangalore. 1) Vitamin B designs: Founded by

Gopal Jee Youngest Indian Scientist
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Gopal From Bihar Became The Youngest Scientist In India, Who Even Rejected The Offer Of NASA

It is the dream of every youth in the world to work in the biggest company and institute and earn a huge amount. Especially in the American space agency NASA, almost every scientist has a dream to work. But there

Key Aspects of Management

Key Aspects of Management | What Managers Need to Know

It’s always been hard to manage people. Managers have always been stuck in the middle between the employer and the employee, trying to negotiate their competing needs and expectations. But today, managers are telling us that it is harder than

Windows 11 FAQs

Windows 11 FAQs | How-To Upgrade | Check Your PC Compatibility

Windows 11 operating system has launched now. Here are all sets of Frequently asked questions about Windows 11 designed by Microsoft itself. It will help solve all your queries regarding the windows 11. What’s the difference between Windows 10 and

Bhavpreet Singh Soni1

What Is A Franchisee? & How Is Bhavpreet Singh Soni Helping Them To Grow?

As we aware about Bhavpreet helps young entrepreneurs & startups to achieve from 0 to 1. Today he reveals, what is a franchisee? & how is Bhavpreet Singh Soni helping them to grow? What is franchising ? A franchise (or

Bhavpreet Singh
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How Bhavpreet Singh Soni Helped Startups & Young Entrepreneurs In Fundraising?

As we aware about Bhavpreet helps young entrepreneurs & startups to achieve from 0 to 1. Today he reveals, how he helping out them to raise funds? About Bhavpreet Singh Soni :- Other than this he is also a great

Neeraj Bhople

Neeraj Bhople – The Man Behind The Titles – CTO, Author, Digital Transformation Expert

Neeraj Bhople was born and brought up in Nagpur. He studied at Saraswati Vidyalaya and then VNIT. He specialized in Electronics as he was always interested in building some or other small projects on breadboards. During his engineering, he got

Anil Kejriwal
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Interview With Anil Kejriwal | Founder & Chairman Of I2Cure

Anil Kejriwal is the Founder & Chairman of I2Cure, who provides a product that gave more than just short-term, superficial protection against germs and microbes. Anil is a Serial Entrepreneur and Venture Capitalist with a proven track record over the past