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Baarish Ki Jaaye
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Real-Life Story Of Bharat Thakur & Kaushalya | Baarish Ki Jaaye

Actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s first music video song “Baarish Ki Jaaye” is based on Bharat Thakur and Kaushalya Devi Real Story. This song is going viral

Karandeep Singh
Inspiration Interview Startups

Meet Karandeep Singh | Founder & CEO Of Kingbourne International | Edupreneur | Leader

Karandeep Singh is the founder & CEO of Kingbourne International, a specialist language and skills training school based in the heart of India, in Punjab.

Arpita Ghosh
Inspiration Interview

Meet Arpita Ghosh | Counselor At Christ | Author | Speaker

Arpita Ghosh is the Counselor At Christ, Author & Speaker, and her purpose is empowering Individuals Touching Lives. She is adept at working on behavioral

Pramod Kumar Rajput
Inspiration Interview

Interview With Pramod Kumar Rajput | Vertical Head & Sr Vice President at Cadila Pharmaceuticals Limited

Pramod Kumar Rajput is a dynamic, result-oriented professional with a rich experience of over 39 years in pharmaceutical & Healthcare sales & marketing while working

K Vijay Venkat
Inspiration Interview Startups

From A Brain Stroke In 2017 To BOSCH BRIDGE Certified Trainer – An Inspirational Journey Of K Vijay Venkat: Founder of The English Edge

K Vijay Venkat is the founder of The English Edge, a Smartest and Coolest community where they empower you, to unlock your full potential, to

Tilak Mehta
Inspiration Success Stories

Success Story Of A 13 Year Old Boy; Tilak Mehta | Founder Of Paper n Parcel

A 13-year-old student studying in school has built crores of company, now giving jobs to people. It is said that ingenuity is not an age

Prem Ganapathy
Inspiration Success Stories

Meet Prem Ganapathy, Who Worked As A Tea-Boy Set Up The Chain Of Dosa Plaza

If you want to fly in life then learn to fall because when you stumble in the path of life, it is not known. Those

Ramesh Babu
Inspiration Success Stories

Success Story Of Ramesh Babu | Journey From A Barber To Became Billionaire

In life, one’s hard work never goes waste, and those who try it do not lose. Ramesh Babu of Bengaluru showed this to be true,

Ashok Lodhi
Influencers Inspiration

Meet Ashok Lodhi: A Teacher Who Teaches Children By Showing TV

While all schools have been closed since March 21 due to the corona epidemic across the country and children are being provided education online, Chhattisgarh’s

Wilma Rudolph
Inspiration Success Stories

Story of Wilma Rudolph, Who Could Not Stand On Her Feet In Childhood, Yet Became The World’s Fastest Runner

Nothing is impossible for those who struggle and work in life, except that any work is done with true loyalty. They say that if a