Dr. Anjana Vinod Kumar
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Meet Dr. Anjana Vinod Kumar | Founder & Director of Impact Enhancer |  Breast Cancer Coach in India | Image Consultant | Author | Speaker 

Dr. Anjana Vinod is the founder and director of Impact Enhancer, where she helps breast cancer survivors to gain their self-confidence and inspires them to never give up. She has been a cancer survivor and hence connects with empathy with

Karishma Chhatrapati
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Meet Karishma Chhatrapati | Co-Founder Of Fitza | Psychologist | Inspirational Speaker | Author

Karishma Chhatrapati is the Co-founder; Chief Mindset & Wellness Expert of Fitza, a mobile-first, transformative technology application that empowers people with integrated, personalized, and value-based nutrition and wellness care. She is also a Spiritual Speaker, Mindset Transformation Coach, Psychotherapist, Psychologist, and Writer. She is developing her own community – Being Spiritual with KUC, wherein She provides all kinds of Mindfulness & Guided Meditation Coaching, along with conducting workshops to help one achieve personal excellence, by becoming more spiritually more aware. She aspires to inspire people with her creative ability of writing, creativity, and guidance and let people discover the purpose of their life. Today we got a chance to interview her, let’s learn more about her & her inspiring journey.  Excerpts from our exclusive interview with Karishma Chhatrapati: Q1)

Parag Shah
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Meet Parag Shah | Chief Mentor Of MIDAS | Founder & Director Of FLAME University | Philanthropist

Parag Shah is the chief mentor of MIDAS, an institution that gives a holistic approach to entrepreneurship and offers all the facets of entrepreneurial education. He is also founder & director of Flame University, an aspirational destination for students and faculty, to

Tushar Kansal
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Interview With Tushar Kansal | Founder & CEO Of Kansaltancy Ventures | Founder Of Saffron First | Venture Capital

Tushar Kansal is the Founder & CEO of Kansaltancy Ventures, an Investment Management firm, which has created a niche in raising & deploying Funds and generating superb returns for the investments. Tushar Kansal is an accomplished professional with experience spanning multiple

Gopal Jee Youngest Indian Scientist
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Gopal From Bihar Became The Youngest Scientist In India, Who Even Rejected The Offer Of NASA

It is the dream of every youth in the world to work in the biggest company and institute and earn a huge amount. Especially in the American space agency NASA, almost every scientist has a dream to work. But there

Urmila Kandha
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Meet Urmila Kandha | Amazon Best Selling Author | Leader | Enterprise Agile Coach

Urmila Kandha is the author of the best-selling book, The DevOps Assessment & Essentials of Agile Transformation. She has 21+ years of IT experience in International Business and significant experience in IT Process Transformation, Program Management, Agile and DevOps Coaching,

Elca Grobler
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Meet Elca Grobler | Founder & CEO Of My Choices Foundation | A Champion For The Rights Of Women & Girls

Elca Grobler is the founder & CEO of my choices foundation, a foundation that works to give women and girls the choice to live free from violence, abuse, and exploitation. In 2011 Elca left a career in banking and finance

Baarish Ki Jaaye
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Real-Life Story Of Bharat Thakur & Kaushalya | Baarish Ki Jaaye

Actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s first music video song “Baarish Ki Jaaye” is based on Bharat Thakur and Kaushalya Devi Real Story. This song is going viral as soon as it is released and people are very much like it. The song