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Tilak Mehta
Inspiration Success Stories

Success Story Of A 13 Year Old Boy; Tilak Mehta | Founder Of Paper n Parcel

A 13-year-old student studying in school has built crores of company, now giving jobs to people. It is said that ingenuity is not an age and the skill does not wait for any special time, Tilak Mehta of Mumbai showed

Prem Ganapathy
Inspiration Success Stories

Meet Prem Ganapathy, Who Worked As A Tea-Boy Set Up The Chain Of Dosa Plaza

If you want to fly in life then learn to fall because when you stumble in the path of life, it is not known. Those are the ones who reach the destination without stumbling, but in the difficult times of

Ramesh Babu
Inspiration Success Stories

Success Story Of Ramesh Babu | Journey From A Barber To Became Billionaire

In life, one’s hard work never goes waste, and those who try it do not lose. Ramesh Babu of Bengaluru showed this to be true, he has made a billion business today with his hard work and dedication from a

Ashok Lodhi
Influencers Inspiration

Meet Ashok Lodhi: A Teacher Who Teaches Children By Showing TV

While all schools have been closed since March 21 due to the corona epidemic across the country and children are being provided education online, Chhattisgarh’s teacher in the District of Korea, Ashok Lodhi, has set an example of a unique

Wilma Rudolph
Inspiration Success Stories

Story of Wilma Rudolph, Who Could Not Stand On Her Feet In Childhood, Yet Became The World’s Fastest Runner

Nothing is impossible for those who struggle and work in life, except that any work is done with true loyalty. They say that if a work is done with a sincere mind, then all the work helps you in completing

Kalpesh Chaudhary
Inspiration Success Stories

Meet Kalpesh Chaudhary, Who Slapped The Face Of People Who Considered The Divine To Be Weak, Today The Owners Of Crores

To make our dreams come true, we need confidence and passion, not of an entire body. There is a saying that we can climb the stairs of success only when the foundation of our hard work will be strong. Kalpesh

Sudha Chandran
Influencers Inspiration Success Stories

Meet Sudha Chandran | Writing Luck With One Leg, Made Its Mark In Bollywood

Life is a cycle of happiness and sorrow, this is the truth of life. Some people soon give up on life, while some people are ready to do anything to realize their dreams. One such person is actress Sudha Chandran,

Articles Inspiration

Meet Loganathan | For Education Of Orphaned Children, A Welder Raised Money By Cleaning Toilets

Many people in society learn from their circumstances and make the help of others the purpose of their lives. Loganathan, who lives in Kannamapalayam village in Coimbatore district of Tamil Nadu, is one such person who has taken a very

Renuka Aradhya

Meet Renuka Aradhya | Made His Identity Out Of Poverty, Today He Is The Owner Of Crores

It is said that no one can change luck, but hard work is the only way that you can achieve everything by doing it with full vigor. Renuka Aradhya of Bengaluru got out of extreme poverty and established his empire

Jasprit Bumrah

Inspiring Story Of Jasprit Bumrah | The Indian Cricketer

There are many Indian cricketers who have brought laurels to the country along with their family due to their hard work and ability. One of them is Jasprit Bumrah of Ahmedabad who achieved the title of fast bowler in a