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The Meat Stop
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The Meat Stop’s Beyond Freshness Mantra: Locally Sourced Sustainable Meat

Want to prepare some interesting meat or sea food dishes, but worried about unhygienic neighborhood shops? Now you can go online and order your favorite protein at the click of a mouse. The startup world has started showing interest in

Denta Mitra
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How Denta Mitra; A Digital Dentistry App Is Solving Dental Problems From Homes?

Hailing from the land of gods, born in Haldwani, a small boy fascinated by the words of the world, “Every tooth in a man’s head is more valuable than a diamond ”, trod the path to becoming a Professor and

Madhu Chandan
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How The US Settled Businessman Return To India, Just To Start Organic Farming Startup In His Village; Organic Mandya

Organic Mandya, Some of you must have guessed, these are some sensible farmers who by farming in organic age, would sell his produce at a good price. So you are 80% correct, but the actual impact is 20% of the

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Meet Loganathan | For Education Of Orphaned Children, A Welder Raised Money By Cleaning Toilets

Many people in society learn from their circumstances and make the help of others the purpose of their lives. Loganathan, who lives in Kannamapalayam village in Coimbatore district of Tamil Nadu, is one such person who has taken a very

GPS Gateway
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Delhi Based Startup GPS Gateway Resolve Logistics Problem Using AI

Delhi Based Startup GPS Gateway resolve logistics problem using AI In India vehicle movement surrounding yourself can’t be accountable whether it’s used for goods movement or other purposes. India is the 3rd largest consumer market for fuel consumption. About 4.6% of

FAU-G Alternative Of PUBG Announces By Bollywood Khiladi

FAU-G | Alternative Of PUBG Announces By Bollywood Khiladi: Akshya Kumar

FAU-G | Alternative Of PUBG Announces By Bollywood Khiladi: Akshya Kumar To Support Atmanirbhar Bharat After the government ban PUBG MOBILE, a most popular online multiplayer battle royale game, along with 118 Chinese apps amid renewed tension at the border,

Bharat AirFibre

Govt Of India Launches Bharat AirFibre | Same Speed Wifi For Pan India

Have you listened to Narendra Modi Ji’s two missions? One is Digital India Movement & the Other one is Atmanirbhar Bharat. A new event has been initiated named Bharat AirFibre, under this cheap internet will spread everywhere from big towns

Namaste App
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Namaste: Video Conferencing App | An Initiative Of Atmanirbhar Bharat

Namaste is a video conferencing app curated in India. It gives users quick, secure & convenient access to meetings. Users can easily get in touch with their loved ones & colleagues & business partners. This is an initiative of IITians

Best 20 Indian Gamer & Streamer In 2020
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Best 20 Indian Gamer & Streamer In 2020

Online Gaming & Streaming is now turning into a profession in India. There are many individuals who wanted to make career in gaming field. Online gaming sector of India getting bigger day by day. Nowadays, many Indian gamer streams &

Airtel Broadband

Bharti Airtel Announced Broadband Services Now Via Local Cable Operators

Bharti Airtel Announced Broadband Services Now Via Local Cable Operators Bharti Airtel, which announced a program to partner with local cable operators after Reliance Jio acquired Den and Hathway, said it has cracked the best model for the partnership and