Anasuya Banerjee
Influencers Interview

Meet Anasuya Banerjee | Manager-L&D at Pfizer | Ex-CLO & Director | Leadership Coach

Anasuya Banerjee is the Manager of Learning University- the culture and leadership development center of Pfizer, Inc. She is a leadership coach, mentor & talent performance consultant who has extensive experience in the field across organizations. She had also worked in

Amit Ganguly

Interview With Amit Ganguly | India’s Leadership Coach For IT Industry | Mentor, Author & Speaker

Amit Ganguly is India’s Leadership coach for the IT industry, he is sharing his IT experience for coaching, mentoring, author, speaker. He is a proven leader with 25+ years of progressive experience in various global organizations. He is also the

Srijan Bhardwaj

Meet Srijan Bhardwaj | Internet Entrepreneur | Digital Marketing Expert

Srijan Bhardwaj is a Digital Marketing Expert & Internet Entrepreneur who has been training, helping, and consulting business owners and entrepreneurs on how to build scalable and profitable businesses. He’s the author of 2 international bestselling books and his businesses

Lucky Rohilla
Interview Startups

Interview With Lucky Rohilla | Co-Founder Of Quantel | Accelerating your Learning Curve

Lucky Rohilla is the co-founder of Quantel, a student-centric platform, that grads and undergrads today are in dire need of. Built and designed to get you past all your dilemmas and doubts, regarding college, internships, and jobs, startups, be it