SiteGround is one of the most popular providers for shared hosting. They offer much more than shared hosting: cloud hosting, enterprise hosting  and even hosting plans optimized for WordPress, Joomla or WooCommerce. But Now Siteground Hiked Their Shared Hosting Plan Price.

As per their mail to every affiliates:

We would like to inform you that SiteGround’s shared hosting prices have been updated. We believe that the new pricing strategy will better reflect the true value of our product and position us more accurately on the market compared to our competitors, while allowing us to keep running a sustainable business with a strong focus on quality of service.

Why make the change?

Over the past year we have seriously re-evaluated our marketing strategy. The research we ran showed that we had built a strong reputation of a host which offers a high quality of service and expert support and managed to achieve high brand recognition. However, keeping our prices in the low range of the hosting segment does not reflect accurately the worth of our offering & even impacts negatively our brand value. We are finally ready to move forward and make pricing adjustments because:

1. We have the strongest combination of performance, reliability, support and features included in the hosting market. This is creating a value of our product which is well beyond its current positioning and product pricing.
2. Our goal is to keep pushing high quality of service for a reasonable price, which requires achieving a better balance of revenue over cost.
3. Research shows that SiteGround brand recognition is currently at its peak and the demand for our service is not so dependent on the price.

What are the new prices?

The new prices advertised on our sales pages are as follow:

New Siteground Hosting Plan
New Siteground Hosting Plan

These prices are applicable for the first invoice of 12-month hosting plan purchases and are the prices our affiliates usually advertise too. If you wish to see the regular prices that apply for all periods and all hosting plans, you can have a look at our KB article.

Siteground New 1-month billing cycle

Due to a popular demand, we’re introducing a monthly billing cycle for all hosting plans. This will enable clients to start with a lower down payment and spread the hosting cost for their projects more evenly over the period of the service. The affiliate commissions for the sales of such monthly plans will be subject to 90 days withhold period.

Siteground Old Shared Hosting Plan:

Check here siteground old shared hsoting plan, it will help you to compare the changes & plan.

Siteground Old Shared Hosting Plan
Siteground Old Shared Hosting Plan

SiteGround Pricing – Final thoughts

It’s clear that SiteGround isn’t the cheapest provider out there, so you’ll need some budget to host your project with them. Especially if you’d like to get all the bells and whistles of the GoGeek plan (e.g. staging area).

However, SiteGround is one of the few providers that offer excellent performance & responsive support. On top of that, I like to know that if my project grows like crazy, they have (larger) solutions I could use (e.g. cloud and enterprise hosting).

In my opinion, the following projects are a good match for SiteGround:

  • Bloggers with (some) success
  • Sites powered by WordPress, Drupal, Joomla or Magento
  • Online stores that need a reliable hosting provider
  • Design agencies and site developers
  • Businesses that require a professional hosting service
  • Professionals looking to resell hosting
  • Anyone that needs a high-performance hosting service

If you are still not sure what SiteGround plan is the best for you, leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to help you out.

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