PUBG Mobile: Get design name symbols in 2020

  • Names with symbols and fonts make the player stand out in PUBG Mobile.
  • There are various websites that players can use to add symbols or fonts to their name

When someone talks about battle royal games on the mobile platform, the first name that pops in our minds is PUBG Mobile. Such is the popularity of the game that it has over 100 million downloads on Google Play Store. 

Having a symbol or a unique font in the username separates the player from the crowd. Since the special symbols and fonts are not directly available on the keyboard, it can be difficult to add them to your name in PUBG Mobile. In this article, we discuss various ways through which players can add symbols and varied font to their IGN.

How to get name symbols in PUBG Mobile

As mentioned earlier, the symbols and fonts are not available on the normal keyboard, and players subsequently have to use other websites to get them.

#1 gives you an option to customize your pubg names. They are also provided with a set of symbols that they can add to their names.

Players will have to enter the name of their choice, after which the output will be given in a wide assortment of fonts. 


Lingojam is quite similar to but their fonts different from those available on the latter on the website. Users have to enter a name to get the result in various fonts. There is no keyword for entering symbols.

#3 has a tool to change the font and provides players with a variety of symbols to choose from.

How to change your name in PUBG Mobile

Step 1: Copy the desired name with the symbols of your choice.

Step 2: Go to inventory, move to the section below emotes and click on the rename card.

Step 3: Click use and enter the copied name in the text box and press OK.

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