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Prof & Dr. Sanjay Rout

Interview with Professor (Doctor) Sanjay Kumar Rout | Founder cum CEO: Innovation Solution Lab

Professor (Doctor) Sanjay Kumar Rout is an eminent Global Scientist cum  Researcher, Mentor, Author, Speaker, Policy, Start-up Evangelist. He had been a decade working with

Dilip Kumar Shrivastva
Interview Startups

Interview with Dilip Kumar Shrivastava | CEO & Founder Of Kreiva Interactive

Dilip Kumar Shrivastava is the CEO & Founder of Kreiva Interactive. In Kreiva Interactive he offers multiple types of digital products. Today we got chance

Dmitriy Shkurin

Interview with Dmitriy Shkurin | An independent marketer & advertiser

Dmitriy Shkurin is a independent marketer & advertiser. He creates advertising campaigns that attract customers and lead to purchases. Today we got chance to interview