In life, we see very few people who fulfill their passion along with their careers. It is often the case that people are able to focus more on the same thing. But Megha Bafna of Pune proved this to be wrong, she fulfilled her dreams along with her career and made her own business.

Megha Bafna, a resident of Pune city in Maharashtra, created a salad business only through WhatsApp, she loved making various types of salads since childhood. Before starting a business, Megha was working in the real estate sector, but she had the dream of starting her own business while doing jobs, so she started her business in a very unique way. 

Megha Bafna
Megha Bafna

He prepared a creative ad and shared it to his group of friends on WhatsApp, he wrote – If someone wants to eat a healthy and different variety, different tasting salads, they can order them.

After this, on the first day, he received an order of 5 packets, but at that time he had no idea of ​​packaging, delivery, quantity. But in spite of all this, he was sure of the salad I made, that no matter what happens, people will definitely like the salad I made. Megha would wake up at around four in the morning and prepare spicy spices to make salads, after which she went to the market to get vegetables. After returning from the market, Megha cleans the vegetables and then makes salads and packing them well.

Megha Bafna started with 5 types of salads, including Chana Chaat, Mix Corn, Beet Root, Pasta Salad, etc. He had taken a delivery boy with him, who used to deliver the salad to the customer. Gradually people started liking their salad and shortly after 5 to 50 reached. Then it continued for the next 5 months.

“Megha often wondered why people don’t do the business of different special salads, then they thought, why not me? Megha loved to make different varieties of salads and experiment, so she gave this business Made up my mind to start “

Megha then shared photos of her salad on Facebook on a group of ladies from Pune, after which she started getting very good responses from there. Phones started coming from schools and homes near Megha because in today’s time people like to eat salad so that they can keep themselves feet. Most people like to eat salad in the morning. This is a business whose demand will never end.

Giving employment to 9 needy women
Giving employment to 9 needy women

Megha Bafna got 60 to 70 new clients and became around 150 customers. As his orders grew, he also increased his staff and variety of his salad. Megha had hired one or two delivery agents at first, but later she started working with 10 delivery agents and in addition, she also entrusted some women with cutting vegetables.

But it was not so easy for Megha to start this business, because she had absolutely no knowledge of quantity and packing. But even then he did not lose courage and kept moving forward with hard work. Sometimes the salad was very less, sometimes it was made so much that it was ruined. Megha then started writing Quantity, made the measurement. After this Megha got the idea of how to prepare the masala for how many packets.

Megha Bafna did not do much marketing to start her business, only told a few people she knew, put one or two posts in the rest of the WhatsApp groups, and only one Facebook group, ‘Punaze Ladies’.

Megha Bafna also had no knowledge of packing, initially delivering in paper containers. But there was a problem with leakage in it. Megha then started delivering in plastic containers. Initially, he had two salad prices, one 59 and the other 69, shortly after starting the business, Megha started making profits.

Every month, they started saving about 5 to 7 thousand rupees, and gradually as the customer grew, the profit started increasing. Before the lockdown, Megha had only 200 customers, but now she has earned around 22 lakh rupees through this business.

Megha Bafna With Her Husband & Son
Megha Bafna With Her Husband & Son

Megha Bafna says that in starting this business, everything from her husband to her father-in-law supported her. Megha still keeps adding something new to the salad she makes. Megha made her part-time business a full-time business. Megha fulfilled her dream only with the help of WhatsApp. In such a situation, if we have the urge to fulfill dreams, then no power in the world can take us away from our dreams.

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