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Jan van der Spoel
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Meet Jan van der Spoel | Founder Of Grip on Trust | Speaker, Trainer & Coach

Jan van der Spoel is the founder of Grip on Trust, an organized sampler webinar to explain how trust works, how to create trust-awareness and

Pooja Dubey
Interview Startups

Interview With Pooja Dubey | Founder & CEO Of Global Writers Academy

Pooja Dubey is the founder & CEO of Global Writers Academy, an online academy for creative learners that provides training to aspiring authors, writers, professionals,

Lucky Rohilla
Interview Startups

Interview With Lucky Rohilla | Co-Founder Of Quantel | Accelerating your Learning Curve

Lucky Rohilla is the co-founder of Quantel, a student-centric platform, that grads and undergrads today are in dire need of. Built and designed to get

Asutosh Katyal
Interview Startups

Meet Asutosh Katyal | Founder & CEO Of Captech Technologies

Asutosh Katyal is the Founder & CEO of Captech Technologies, a platform that built India’s First Construction Labour Marketplace “eFORCE”. He is a vibrant, innovative,

Jules Maitrepierre
Interview Startups

Meet Jules Maitrepierre | Founder & CEO Of TheTutorist

Jules Maitrepierre is the founder & CEO of TheTutorist, a worldwide skills marketplace. Their goal is to help students and empower tutors with technological tools

Wattt Electromotives
Interview Startups

Meet Gaurav Sharma | Co-Founder & CTO Of Wattt Electromotives

Gaurav Sharma is the Co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of Wattt Electromotives which builds commercial EVs which are affordable but at the same time

Abhishek S Chauhan
Interview Startups

Meet Abhishek S Chauhan | Founder Of Iessentialss

Abhishek S Chauhan is the founder of Iessentialss, a marketplace for best made in India products. An Australian graduate decided to give back to mother

Megha Bafna With Her Son

Meet Megha Bafna, Who Started The Business Of Selling Salads With Jobs

In life, we see very few people who fulfill their passion along with their careers. It is often the case that people are able to

Shambhavi Jha
Interview Startups

Interview With Shambhavi Jha | Founder & CEO Of Sivious Solutions

Shambhavi Jha is the Founder & CEO of Sivious Solutions. She saw her father facing issues like technical problems, and problems related to how to

Sumita Swain
Interview Startups

Interview With Sumita Swain | Founder Of Apki Akanksha

Sumita Swain is the founder of Apki Akanksha, The platform which endeavors to fulfill the aspiration of the artisans and the customers. The artisan aspires