Namaste is a video conferencing app curated in India. It gives users quick, secure & convenient access to meetings. Users can easily get in touch with their loved ones & colleagues & business partners. This is an initiative of IITians to support Atmanirbhar Bharat. Today we got a chance to chit chat with them, let’s know more about Namaste App.

Namaste App
Namaste App

Excerpts from our chit-chat with team Namaste:

Q1) Tell us about Namaste Application

Amidst this global pandemic, work-from-home is becoming a new normal and Video conferencing is playing a crucial role in the lives of people. Video conferencing helps businesses meet face to face with their employees, clients, agencies, consultants, and many more and it has reduced business travel expenses & offline business expenses to a large extent. Conferences, Events & Seminars have turned into Web Conferences & Webinars and people are connecting with their family members & friends over a video conference. Dates have turned into virtual dates and the list can go on. So, people require a high-quality video conferencing experience in the present day scenario.    

Namaste is a software-based video conferencing solution with a high-quality audio-video experience curated in India. It gives users quick and convenient access to meetings. Users can get in touch with their loved ones, colleagues & business partners can have meetings with their employees and clients. Here, employees can brainstorm ideas together and can start or join webinars without any hassle or interruptions. So overall Namaste is helping in giving meaningful conversations to the users.

Namaste has been getting popular among users since its launch and has been receiving positive feedback. We, the Namaste team, consider it to be a good sign and it also encourages us to make the user experience even better by constantly improving and adding new features.

Namaste App
Namaste App

Q2) How Namaste is different from other video conferencing apps? and their features?

Today’s digital platform is highly competitive and with several competitors, in the video conferencing field we are standing out with our simple and user-friendly features.

Our team has tried several apps in the video conferencing field and come across several issues such as video audio lag, interruption of video, low quality of Video, non-clarity of audio, poor user experience, etc. We have removed many of the issues in ‘NAMASTE – VIDEO CONFERENCING SOLUTION’ and have been successful in delivering a beautiful combination of high audio-video quality video conferencing without any interruptions so that users can have a seamless & secure video conference. Our solution consumes less mobile data compared to many apps so the users can spend more time on the video conference.

Our solution is empowering the businesses, startups to be more productive irrespective of their location and devices, as Namaste is capable of delivering flawless video conferences through the web, desktop-based application, android-based and ios based applications. 

In a world of webinars, virtual Saturday night house parties, virtual dates, & family video conferences, users don’t want to compromise on the experience, So our team has tried to provide a beautiful experience in this field and is trying to bring the virtual world as close as possible to the real world with a convenient platform for businesses, families, friends, teachers, students and many more. 

‘NAMASTE – Video Conferencing Solution’ provides clear audio and impressive HD video quality as the overwhelming responses from users have affirmed that.  HD videos can make a huge difference to the participants.

To make the user experience richer, we have added several features such as desktop sharing, presentation, etc so the interaction and the experience among the users become more pleasant and hassle-free and it helps the presenter in explaining the idea. users can share YouTube videos in explaining the issue deeply.

Namaste App
Namaste App

Q3) How does Namaste secure the user’s privacy?

In the virtual world of video conferencing, there is always a concern about security & we understand how important it is for the users. ‘NAMASTE – Video Conferencing Solution’ ensures robust security features so users don’t have to worry about data leakage and theft. 

Q4) How many users can connect through Namaste?

At present, an unlimited number of users can connect through Namaste and the robust chat feature enables the cohosts to answer the queries of the participants. the users can send emojis and share images or files during the meeting.

The recording feature allows the hosts or the users to record the meeting for reference or to revise the lecture or go to the held conversation for important points. We are gradually increasing the size of the recorded files, so the users can record more.

Q5) What is the next goal of Namaste?

Our aim is to make it a household name for video meetings, video conferencing, and webinars for business houses. To do so, we are in talks with training classes, schools, and businesses to try out our solution. We are reaching users through friends and family and getting good reviews, which is keeping us going on the path. We have been receiving emails from professors, teachers, startups regarding the Namaste app and the user limits and fees.

Performance reports can make a big difference in the confidence of the presenters and we are trying to incorporate the same. The presenter can see the data of the users, how many attended or left the conference. We are also in the process of including the features such as email to the users, reminders, thank you notes, etc.

We will be adding additional in-built security features soon, as we want our users to have interaction without worry.

Calendar integration, the virtual background is on the way. 

So our team is making the Namaste app into a powerful and essential tool for small, mid size and large business houses. 

Q6) Tell us a little bit about the team behind this app?

NAMASTE – Video Conferencing Solution is a Wideling Technologies Pvt Ltd. product developed by graduates, postgraduates from IIT Bombay, IIT Kanpur, IIT Guwahati, and Tier-1 technical institutes of India. Prakash Sutradhar, Mahesh Bairwa, Pankaj Ranjan, Ananya Patra, & Arpita Das are Co-Founder and Co-Developer of ‘Wideling’ and ‘Namaste’ Video Conferencing. 

Namaste Team
Namaste Team

Q7) From where users can Download & Install Namaste App?

We have launched Namaste at all the different platforms of application, users can download it from their specific app store like- PlayStore & AppStore.

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