OnBenchMark is a virtual network of businesses & freelancers to get/post jobs/projects, create virtual teams and deploy/get bench/idle resources without restriction & commission.

OnBenchMark is also a bench resource-sharing platform, helping companies to minimize bench resource loss & revenue leakage caused by delays in hiring.
Deploy bench/unutilized resources. The unique solution of sharing economy and gig economy for gig workers, freelancers & digital Nomads. Created a virtual enterprise network of global companies.

Today we got a chance chit chat with Mr. Syed Farhan (Founder & CEO, OnBenchMark) to know more about OnBenchMark & how its works?

Syed Farhan
Syed Farhan

Excerpts from our chit-chat with him:

Q1) Hi, can you tell us a bit more about OnBenchMark; & how it is innovative and different from its competitors?

OnBenchMark.com was initiated with a vision of providing a solution for flexible staffing and Just-In-Time hiring and sharing of bench employees.  It’s a unique solution for bench resource sharing, temp, and contract hire to minimize resource costs.  We are different from traditional freelancing portals as it’s a Zero commission website for freelancers and we don’t restrict communication between clients and freelancers. 

It provides much-needed autonomy and freedom to freelancers to work for any client without paying the heavy commission to the freelancing portals and directly connects with clients to have repeat business. We are the first of our kind to provide human resource sharing and freelancers with a single sign-on.

Covid 19 crises have further validated the need for remote workers and flexible workers as it’s a growing trend across the globe. As per the experts, it has been predicted that nearly 1 billion people will be working as freelancers or gig workers in the next 10 years but the traditional website has too many restrictions, because of which millions of freelancers prefer to get work through their own channels rather than these traditional freelancing websites.

Q2) How did you come up with the name for your startup?

We started OnBenchMark.com for Bench /Unutilized resource sharing and that’s why we kept this name of OnBenchMark, so as to relate it with on-bench employees. The bench concept is commonly been used for unutilized resources in IT Service companies. Because of bench resources companies had to suffer losses and have lesser profitability. Keeping bench employees was a necessary evil for any IT Service company, be it TCS, Wipro, IBM, Infosys, or even a small or mid-size company.

Recently we have included Freelancers, Digital Nomads, Part-Time Workers, Gig Workers, Remote Workers also and made it a complete solution for flexible staffing and just-in-time hiring. Now companies can hire contract resources as well as freelancers and part-time resources from a global pool of resources and provide a solution for the imbalance of resource distribution across the globe.

Q3) What service OnBenchMark offer?

OnBenchMark.com is an aggregator and we have created a Virtual Enterprise Network (VEN) of companies for human resource sharing and providing flexible staffing and Just-In-Time hiring services to hire freelancers, part-time workers, Digital Nomads & Gig workers. It’s a one-stop solution for all temporary and contractual hiring needs for any organization.

It’s not meant for just the Software Industry but also for other categories like Human resources, Apparel & Fashion, Engineering & Design, and any other service industry where the work can be done by freelancers or contractual workers.

Q4) Why should people choose OnBenchMark services?

OnBenchMark.com is a unique platform that helps companies to share their unutilized resources with other companies and can control layoffs and job loss as it provides temporary and contractual hiring services at ZERO commission, without bidding, and without any restriction to communicate with clients and freelancers unlike traditional freelancing tools and job portals. It provides much-needed autonomy & flexibility to freelancers and companies.

The success of Airbnb is a live example of sharing economy and Uber, Ola, and Zomata’s success is another example of increasing penetration of gig workers.

Q5) Is there any registration fee at OnBenchMark.com?

OnBenchMark is an open platform and it doesn’t require any registration fee for its basic plan which includes free job posting, free bench posting, and limited access to the contact details of freelancers but there is a subscription fee for the essential and premium plan, where companies can utilize the database of freelancers and trusted bench employers or companies to get access to a bigger pool of contractual workers and freelancers.

Q6) Does OnBenchMark charge any commission if any freelancer gets a project?

OnBenchMark does not charge any commission from freelancers to get the project or job. That’s the one unique feature for freelancers to get projects or jobs at ZERO commission, unlike traditional freelancing websites. We believe in the philosophy that freelancers and organizations should be free to hire any resources and we should not restrict them to do business.

Q7) What are the different locations from where Jobs/Project is been posted at OnBenchMark?

OnBenchMark is a global platform for flexible hiring and contractual hiring.  We have clients from the USA, Europe, Australia, APAC, India, etc, and also have freelancers from India, Bangladesh, Philippines, Indonesia, African countries, Eastern Europe, South America, etc. With the rise of the Digital Nomad community, location-specific hiring of resources is also diminishing nowadays and the decline of full-time employment also provided a thrust for temporary hiring after the Covid-19 crises.

Syed Farhan
Syed Farhan

Q8) What kind of Job or Projects we can search at OnBenchMark?

OnBenchMark.com has jobs and projects from across the Industry and ranging from  Digital Marketing, content writing, graphic designing, software development on Java, .Net, PHP, Node, Angular, React, Embedded, SAP, Oracle, Data Science, Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning, Full-stack. Even Non-IT skills like Fashion designing, Engineering & Design, Health & Fitness, Travel & Tourism, Sales & Marketing, Human resources, etc.

OnBenchMark primarily focuses on temporary, part-time, contractual, and freelancer hiring as we believe the future will be of temporary teams, and organizations will be keener to hire flexible workers or gig workers rather than full-time employees.

Follow OnBenchMark.com @

LinkedIn Handlehttps://in.linkedin.com/company/onbenchmark.com
Facebook Handlehttps://www.facebook.com/onbenchmark/
Twitter Handlehttps://twitter.com/Onbenchmark

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