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Pranab Prakash
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Interview With Pranab Prakash | Co-Founder & CEO Of Konexaa

Pranab Prakash is the co-founder & CEO of Konexaa, a digital Medtech mobilization platform to address the healthcare industry’s voids. As he always wanted to serve the country through empowering people and also thought that he can address immediate people’s

Denta Mitra
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How Denta Mitra; A Digital Dentistry App Is Solving Dental Problems From Homes?

Hailing from the land of gods, born in Haldwani, a small boy fascinated by the words of the world, “Every tooth in a man’s head is more valuable than a diamond ”, trod the path to becoming a Professor and

Kim Shah
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Meet Kim Shah | Chief Executive Officer Of KnowYourMeds Inc

Kim Shah is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of KnowYourMeds Inc, a digital health assistant that seeks to improve health outcomes worldwide for chronic condition patients by leveraging AI to deliver personalized information and guidance on their diseases and their