White Noise Design Studio
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A Chit-Chat With Team White Noise Design Studio | Rddhima Golyan | Sanjana Paramhans | Utsav Shah

White Noise Design Studio is a creative interior firm on the growth. It is the brainchild of three unique designers based in New York City and Los Angeles. They design well-considered, welcoming places that effectively meld architecture and interiors. Today

Yoshita Gupta
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Yoshita Gupta | Associate Founder & Head-Customer Communications Of You And Gifts

Yoshita Gupta is the associate founder & head-customer communications of You And Gifts, an e-commerce platform for gifting products, especially for kids. She is a blogger and a creative writer specializing in writing blogs about political issues, parenting, and relationships.

Sania Abidi

Meet Sania Abidi | Founder Of Arthashastri | Economics & Finance Major

Sania Abidi is the founder of Arthashastri, an independent blogging website & news portal that helps you to learn & get news updates about Economics and Finance. She is experienced with a demonstrated history of working in the research industry.

Aarushi Jain

Meet Aarushi Jain | Founder & CEO Of Sprinkled Insights | Writer

Aarushi Jain is the founder & CEO of Sprinkled Insights, a platform that provides writeups for invitations, stories, poetry, speeches, captions for pictures, and content for social media & websites. She is just a 19-year-old aspiring author & she is

Ankur Kumra

Meet Ankur Kumra | Entrepreneur | Blockchain | Investor

Ankur kumra is an investor & founder at kumra enteprises. He shows how with willingness & persistent efforts one can achieve what one desires. Entering into e-commerce at a nascent stage & investing in riskier asset classes has made him

Prof (Dr) Shalini Verma
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Meet Prof (Dr) Shalini Verma | Lifoholic Shalini | Co-Founder & Chief Mentor Of Books33 India & SamvaadShaalaa

Prof (Dr) Shalini Verma is the Co-Founder & Chief Mentor of two startups – Books33 India & SamvaadShaalaa. Books33 is a publishing & book promotion platform for the writing enthusiasts and author’s community whereas SamvaadShaalaa is a training and consulting

Kaushaki Sondhi K

Meet Kaushaki Sondhi K | VP Of Women Empowerment All India Council Of Human Rights, Liberties & Social Justice

Kaushaki Sondhi K is the VP Of Women Empowerment All India Council Of Human Rights, Liberties & Social Justice. She is also the Board of Advisory (Editor) at “National Council of News and Broadcasting” and also a Board member (

Damini Grover
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Meet Damini Grover | Founder Of I’M Powered | Counseling Psychologist | Coach | Hypnotherapist | Facilitator

Damini Grover is the founder of I’M Powered-Center for Counseling and Well-being. She has been working with clients from all walks of life to help them deal with relationship concerns, stress, anxiety, depression, sleep difficulties, lifestyle, behavioral and emotional issues.

Urmila Kandha
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Meet Urmila Kandha | Amazon Best Selling Author | Leader | Enterprise Agile Coach

Urmila Kandha is the author of the best-selling book, The DevOps Assessment & Essentials of Agile Transformation. She has 21+ years of IT experience in International Business and significant experience in IT Process Transformation, Program Management, Agile and DevOps Coaching,

Ameenah Neha Shiraz
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Meet Ameenah Neha Shiraz | Founder Of Skinvibes Naturals | A Young Entrepreneur

Ameenah Neha Shiraz is the founder of Skinvibes Naturals, a natural and organic skincare brand, based in Kerala, India. She is just a 22-year-old young entrepreneur and a law student. She is a passionate young individual who is chasing her