Prerna Avasthi is the founder of Green Talks & She’s a Delhi based environmentalist, Social Activist and Poet. About corona, she says “It all started when we stopped respecting nature. We were talking about everything but not discussing environment and climate change.” Let’s know more about her & her environmental initiative Green Talks.

Prerna Avasthi
Prerna Avasthi

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Our exclusive interview with her:

Q1) Tell us a little bit about your poetry and your journey, please

My dad introduced me to poetry and reading. He supported me, was my editor, and my inspiration.Since school days I started reciting and writing short poems on women empower and every time I was disturbed about women issues I would talk about it through my poetry. My journey continued even in my college as I was always part of Management teams and missed no chance to host and speak about anything that bothered me.

Q2) Tell us a little bit about your new initiative, please

Every weekend I witness webinars on almost every issue other than climate change. The internet is bombarded with  so many live sessions but I realized that we ain’t talking much about environment and climate. Let me ask you did you see the difference in pollution levels even in capital cities like Delhi during the pandemic? How did the Yamuna river clean itself in just three months ? The only reason why we are all stuck in this pandemic is because we stopped respecting nature. We still ain’t talking enough about nature and climate change but I feel scared that it’ll get worse. 

Green Talks
Green Talks

Q3) How did the idea for your Green Talks come about?

This year in February I conducted a Green Summit in collaboration with a few brands and NGO. In the summit, I decided to invite the less known Eco-warriors and people running small initiatives in different states to encourage them and share ideas. A lot of people doing great work quit because they ain’t appreciated enough and with time they lack confidence. I still remember a lady from the Green Summit, she walks up to me and says “thank you, Prerna”. Last year December her zero waste initiative was not getting enough appreciation and she said,”I decided to quit because I really thought that Eco-warriors ain’t valued enough and today because of you I feel that am on the right track.”

The only idea behind my initiatives is to create a platform from less known people and share inspiring Eco-warriors journeys. Mostly well known brand and awarded Eco-warriors are again and again interviewed but very few new faces are seen. I thought to start a new initiative during a pandemic for such people and support, encourage them.

Q4) What was your key driving force to become an entrepreneur?

I always wanted a space where I could implement my own ideas, make better choices and God has been really kind to provide me with the best of Team members and interns to support me in all my initiatives. I never wanted to be restricted from doing stuff. Often brands ask Influencers to promote things that ain’t trusted for paid promotions but as an entrepreneur I have the right to say no and work on the quality of my content than just promotions. I love to take risks and experiment. With my team’s support and with great intention we have so far made it to great platforms.I have always been the girl who speaks about the most unconventional issues. I always feel like we should use art for a better impact and I talk about real issues.

Q5) How did you come up with the name for your initiative?

It’s Extension of our Green Summit 2020

Prerna Avasthi
Prerna Avasthi

Q6) Is it possible to achieve zero waste easily

Zero waste isn’t about a perfect idea it’s about millions of imperfect ideas to achieve it. Little effort may not give all of us zero waste but if all of us start following the idea think about it how beautifully and easily things can happen. 

Q7) What are some simple ways to switch to zero waste.

  • A lot of people say that it’s impossible to achieve zero waste.
  • Do you buy chips? Look for a plastic-free packaging chips
  • You are buying vegetables? Take a jute bag don’t take polythene bags.
  • Do you have to drink water? Don’t buy a plastic bottle carry a glass or metal bottle.
  • Do you love to take shower? Use shower with flow resister, take shorter showers.

Q8) How was the journey  to a featured artist.

For about two years every weekend I did all sort of shows without any preferences and was often rejected from platform.I recorded my audio and sent a lot of time the best platform for featuring but after a year poetry platforms, colleges started featuring my Poetries, women groups started inviting me. They started contacted me personally for shows and  started demanding poetry of impact from me. Since then am featured and I still do feature online and offline events.

Q9) What is your greatest fear, and how do you manage fear?

I fear not trying enough and missing out on any professional opportunity. I always want to make the best of my time and never regret about missing any opportunity. I sometimes do two to three sessions in a day if required. I don’t  fear about failing but am scared about not trying.

Q10) What comes first for you Smart city or Environment?

Environment because greens are emotions for me.I believe healthy living, good air, and greens is very precious. What will we do with the smart city if our kids don’t have good food to eat and clean water to drink, air to breathe?We can’t build a healthy living by cutting greens and building multistory building.Instead smart greener city should be the idea.

Prerna Avasthi
Prerna Avasthi

Q11) Tell us about your  life & How has being an poet & entrepreneur affected your family life?

Parents are protective, especially for girls they want to save them from all the negativity of the world but I chose a field where I had to face the real issues. The best part about my parents is they never stopped they were protective and scared but as they discovered that am made for the field they have only encouraged.My dad always accompanied me in my award functions, events and my mom keeps me on track.

Q12) What piece of advice would you give to college graduates who want to become entrepreneurs??

Don’t worry about earnings or money. Not even success. Always take risks and learn more and build skills. This is the perfect age to take risks and explore and the best time to evolve as an individual. Money will flow when skills are strong and success shall follow. Don’t waste too much time on social media rather invest your time in reading great authors, networking, and be creative. Use social media for good.

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