Ameenah Neha Shiraz is the founder of Skinvibes Naturals, a natural and organic skincare brand, based in Kerala, India. She is just a 22-year-old young entrepreneur and a law student. She is a passionate young individual who is chasing her dreams. Today we got a chance to interview her, let’s know more about her & Skinvibes Naturals firm.

Ameenah Neha Shiraz
Ameenah Neha Shiraz

We hope this can inspire you to become a successful person too! It is worth listening to a successful entrepreneur or to people who share their success stories. We can significantly learn many things from the experiences of them, by listening to their story.

Excerpts from our exclusive interview with Ameenah:

Q1) Tell us a little bit about your startup and journey please;

Hi, I am an Ameenah Neha Shiraz. I am the founder and CEO of Skinvibes Naturals, a natural and organic skincare brand, based in Kerala, India. Skinvibes having launched earlier this year, with a period as short as 7 months, has become a popular skincare brand in Kerala. The company manufactures skin and hair care products from herbs, freshly handpicked from the fields of Kerala. Our company employs only less privileged women in our team.

We have customers from all over India and the numbers are growing substantially every single day. The rapid growth of the company is large because of the quality of products we provide and most importantly, affordability.

Q2) Who is Ameenah Nehah Shiraz? Tell us a litte bit about yourself please?

I have always had trouble answering this question. I am a 22 year old Entrepreneur and Law student and also a graduate in Commerce.

  • To my parents, I am a little girl who might never grow up.
  • To my friends, I am this humourous, crazy, and happy-go-lucky person. They describe me as a very full of life and down-to-earth person To the strangers on the streets, I might seem to be a very well-off and affluent person; unless they come to me and go,” You are too down to Earth”.
  • To my relatives, I am someone different from the crowd,who is unapollegetically chasing her dreams.
  • To myself, I am this strong yet super emotional person. I consider myself a very passionate individual. I am passionate about everything in life, right from career to any relationship, simply everything in life.
Skinvibes Naturals
Skinvibes Naturals

Q3) Who inspired you to become an Entrepreneur?

My parents. My entrepreneurial mindset originated from my dad’s entrepreneurial spirit. He is the most hardworking individual I’ve ever come across. I’ve grown up seeing him build his business from scratch to unbelievable heights, his journey will be my greatest inspiration and I will forever be proud to be known as his daughter.

My mother has also influenced me to a great extent. It’s fascinating to see her juggle both her business and our home, so beautifully. One thing I learned from her is that a woman can have it all-a successful career and a strong family life.

Q4) Why Entrepreneurship instead of a 9-5 job?

I love being my own Boss. The idea of living my life on my own terms inspires me. Yes being your own ‘Boss’, requires a great deal of planning, risk, and commitment, but the level of satisfaction and contentment you get from building something from scratch, cannot be defined in words.

Q5) How many hours do you work on an average?

If you own it,you Live it!

My business requires a 7-day response 24 hours per day. I personally put in about 75-85 hours of work per week. To see your business grow from an infant to a viable and recognized company is very satisfying. However, there are a lot of sacrifices and pitfalls.CEOs are always on and there is always more to be done.

Ameenah Neha Shiraz
Ameenah Neha Shiraz

Q6) What advise would you give to college entrepreneurs who want to be entrepreneurs?

Don’t just jump into the business directly after your studies, take your time and learn about the business and industry in depth. It took me 1.5 years to learn about the industry and business. Take your time before you just dive in! Remember a building with a strong foundation, does not collapse.

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