Shalima Motial
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Meet Shalima Motial | Actor & Model | Founder & CEO of Dream Catchers Vision

Shalima Motial is the Founder & CEO of Dream Catchers Vision Pte Ltd, an online Talent Showcase forum launched in 2011 to discover and promote Performing artists. It’s a Singapore headquartered company with global ambitions. Other than this she is

Ashok Lodhi
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Meet Ashok Lodhi: A Teacher Who Teaches Children By Showing TV

While all schools have been closed since March 21 due to the corona epidemic across the country and children are being provided education online, Chhattisgarh’s teacher in the District of Korea, Ashok Lodhi, has set an example of a unique

Sudha Chandran
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Meet Sudha Chandran | Writing Luck With One Leg, Made Its Mark In Bollywood

Life is a cycle of happiness and sorrow, this is the truth of life. Some people soon give up on life, while some people are ready to do anything to realize their dreams. One such person is actress Sudha Chandran,

Prerna Avasthi
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Interview With Prerna Avasthi: A Poet | Founder Of Green Talks

Prerna Avasthi is the founder of Green Talks & She’s a Delhi based environmentalist, Social Activist and Poet. About corona, she says “It all started when we stopped respecting nature. We were talking about everything but not discussing environment and

Faizi Khan
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Meet Faizi Khan: Writer & Storyteller | Founder Of Khayaalon Ki Udaan

Faizi Khan is the Founder of Khayaalon ki Udaan, a writer and storyteller for the stories of change! Her purpose is to support people in celebrating their lives, directly or indirectly. It is an initiative that took a few years

Anuja Pandey
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Interview With Anuja Pandey: Influencer & Blogger | Founder Of LoftySpectrums

Anuja Pandey is a well-known influencer & blogger. She founded LoftySpectrums along with her brother to write about her experiences & luxury lifestyle. She thinks and feels strongly that gets impressed on her mind and hence she is a storyteller,

Prince Narula
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Success Story Of Prince Narula: The King Of Reality Shows

Success Story Of Prince Narula: The King Of Reality Shows Prince Narula has won three consecutive famous reality shows, is well known, he is also known as the king of reality shows. He is an actor who is loved by

Best 20 Indian Gamer & Streamer In 2020
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Best 20 Indian Gamer & Streamer In 2020

Online Gaming & Streaming is now turning into a profession in India. There are many individuals who wanted to make career in gaming field. Online gaming sector of India getting bigger day by day. Nowadays, many Indian gamer streams &