Dr. Shweta Singh
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Meet Dr. Shweta Singh | Founder & CEO Of Ennoble IP And Women Innovation & Entrepreneurship Foundation (WIEF)

Dr. Shweta Singh is the Founder & CEO of Ennoble IP, and the Women Innovation & Entrepreneurship Foundation (WIEF). She is a first-generation Serial Entrepreneur, Mentor, Ange-list, Wealth manager, Advisor, and guide to many tech-based startups & SMEs. She is

Nina Tranquet
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Meet Nina Tranquet | COO Of NovaQ Capital | Young Mathematician

Nina Tranquet is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of NovaQ Capital, a long/short investment strategy that merges information, innovation, and human skill to create value for our clients, trading in global financial markets using data science and next-generation quant technology.

Aparajita Prasad
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Meet Aparajita Prasad | Director Of MetaConnect Consulting

Aparajita Prasad is the director of MetaConnect Consulting, where she provides a solution for all your business research, strategic advisory, and mentorship needs. She is an IIM Ahmedabad alumna &; a renowned Corporate Leader and Subject Matter Expert with over

Elinor Moshe
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Meet Elinor Moshe | Founder of The Construction Coach | Mentor | Speaker

Elinor Moshe is the founder of The Construction Coach, where she guides, inspires,s and directs industry professionals and future leaders in the construction industry. Other than this she is a successful mentor, speaker, and author & also hosts a podcast

Dr. Priyanka Tiwari
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Interview With Dr. Priyanka Tiwari | CO-Founder Of ThePathWay

Dr. Priyankan Tiwari is the Co-Founder of ThePathWay, a virtual platform that provides top online counseling services & therapy consultation. She is a researcher in the field of toxicology and is constantly working on how toxicants affect psychological health. She

Manish Shukla
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Interview With Manish Shukla | CO-Founder Of ThePathWay

Manish Shukla is the Co-Founder of ThePathWay, a virtual platform that provides top online counseling services & therapy consultation. He is also the Director of Aaina Foundation, a rehabilitation center for substance drug abuse. He is also a consultant and

Rashi Khanna
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Meet Rashi Khanna | Founder Of Ra By Rashi Foundation

Rashi Khanna is the Founder & Chairperson of “Ra By Rashi Foundation”. She is a seasoned business professional with over 18 years of experience both in a corporate setup and as an entrepreneur. As an assertive marketing expert, Rashi always

Abhishek S Chauhan
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Meet Abhishek S Chauhan | Founder Of Iessentialss

Abhishek S Chauhan is the founder of Iessentialss, a marketplace for best made in India products. An Australian graduate decided to give back to mother earth & by supporting to “VOCAL FOR LOCAL” movement started the marketplace of an Indian