Megha Bafna With Her Son

Meet Megha Bafna, Who Started The Business Of Selling Salads With Jobs

In life, we see very few people who fulfill their passion along with their careers. It is often the case that people are able to focus more on the same thing. But Megha Bafna of Pune proved this to be

Shambhavi Jha
Interview Startups

Interview With Shambhavi Jha | Founder & CEO Of Sivious Solutions

Shambhavi Jha is the Founder & CEO of Sivious Solutions. She saw her father facing issues like technical problems, and problems related to how to expand his business. She started involving her father at a very early stage, and his

Jyothi Reddy
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Jyothi Reddy: A Daily Wage Earner Of 5 Rupees, Set Up A Company Of Crores Abroad

There is a saying that dreams come true only to those who do not give up dreaming under any circumstances. Such is the story of NRI, Jyothi Reddy, who has traveled from crores of rupees daily to crores due to

Sumita Swain
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Interview With Sumita Swain | Founder Of Apki Akanksha

Sumita Swain is the founder of Apki Akanksha, The platform which endeavors to fulfill the aspiration of the artisans and the customers. The artisan aspires for a helping hand to create sustainability and longevity in his or her craft. She

Parag Porwal
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Interview With Parag Porwal | CEO & Founder Of Parag Porwal Software Lab

Parag Porwal is the CEO & Founder Of Parag Porwal Software Lab. He is a Btech (CSE), Graduate, & helps business by providing full-fledged services, from business registration to website development. He provides software solutions with the latest technology developments

Namaste App
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Namaste: Video Conferencing App | An Initiative Of Atmanirbhar Bharat

Namaste is a video conferencing app curated in India. It gives users quick, secure & convenient access to meetings. Users can easily get in touch with their loved ones & colleagues & business partners. This is an initiative of IITians

Krishna Parulekar
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Interview With Krishna Parulekar | Co Founder Of LoveActuallyMe

Krishna Parulekar is the co founder of LoveActuallyMe, a online & offline initiative where they empower and encourage the community to meet, greet and network with like minded abled & disabled people. Four years back krishna had also founded a

Tanushree Sharma
Interview Startups

Interview With Tanushree Sharma | Founder Of LoveActuallyMe

Tanushree Sharma is the founder of LoveActuallyMe, a initiative with the vision of bringing behavioral change. LoveActuallyMe is an online & offline community for PWD (People with disabilities) to empower & encourage the community to meet. A great initiative by